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Why I Should Prefer for Web Scraping?

10 mins read Created Date: January 06, 2022   Updated Date: February 22, 2023
In this article, before we talk about why you should choose for web scraping, we talked about how web scrapers work, the types of web scrapers, the purposes for which web scraping is used, and the features that web scraper tools should have.

The web scraping method, which is used to extract data from the determined website or websites, is not very new but is still frequently used today and is the number one choice of brands selling online. You can also do web scraping manually, but this process will be tedious and tedious, and it will also waste your time. You can speed things up by using’s web scraper instead.

In this article, before we talk about why you should choose for web scraping, we talked about how web scrapers work, the types of web scrapers, the purposes for which web scraping is used, and the features that web scraper tools should have. The most important reason we mention these topics is that we want you to understand what kind of web scraper is and we want to inform you about web scraping. When you read the article from beginning to end, you will see that has all the features that a web scraper should have.

A cloud-based web scraper, is a popular web scraper with the potential to scrape any site you want on the internet in a short time. Contact us to meet this scraper that circumvents all web scraper precautions and helps you to scrape web from any site you want! We bet you’ve never met a web scraper that is so detailed and works well, extracting great data! What are you waiting for to contact us?

How Do Web Scrapers Work?

Based on the process of extracting data from predetermined websites, web scraping uses a type of software called web scrapers. Thanks to this software, the desired websites can be easily scraped and the information on the scraped websites can be saved in a file in a certain format. Here’s how these web scrapers work, step by step:

  • First, the URL addresses of the websites that are requested to be scraped are added to the web scraper.
  • Web scrapers extract the HTML codes of the added websites, making a list of even the content that is not possible to copy.
  • The web scraper organizes the information it collects, such as price and customer feedback, in a way that people can read, and saves the information it has organized in a database or presents it to the user by turning it into a spreadsheet.

Many websites have blockers to block web scrapers that are very easy to use and work on a simple principle. These scrapers are connected to Proxy to empower web scrapers to bypass these restrictions with ease. Proxies, which act as a barricade between your device and the internet server and send the information you want by intermediating to the website, are indispensable systems for web scrapers and without this system, web scrapers cannot work. The two most commonly used proxies for web scraping are residential proxies and data center proxies.


What Are the Types of Web Scrapers?

The web scrapers you use to scrape data from websites have their characteristics. These web scrapers come in four types: browser extensions, software, self-built web scrapers, and cloud-based scrapers. Let’s take a closer look at these scrapers and their features!

Web Scrapers in the Form of Browser Extensions

There are many web scrapers available in the form of a browser that you can easily access over the Internet. These web scrapers are scrapers that can be easily added to your browser and are very easy to operate. Although this software is easy to use, you cannot carry out large projects with these scrapers, which are in the form of a browser. The reason these scrapers are only usable in small projects is that they can only scrape for a single page in a single run. It is not possible to scrape any web page other than that page.

Web Scrapers in the Form of Software

These softwares, which you can use to scrape data on the Internet, are software that you can easily download and install from the Internet. Although these softwares usually have unique features, we can say that all software has advanced features and they are not simple web scrapers. Unlike web scrapers, which are in the form of browser extensions, web scrapers in software form can scrape multiple pages at once. These web scrapers are web scrapers used for medium and small-scale projects. For larger scraping, you need to use web scrapers that can work on a larger scale.

Web Scrapers You Build Yourself

If you wish, it is possible to create a web scraper that can scrape information from websites. However, if you have decided to create a web scraper yourself, you should remember that you must have advanced programming knowledge. If you do not have any programming expertise and you are trying to create a web scraper with the knowledge you have, we can safely say that the scrapers you create will not be functional. Also, since all web scrapers require constant maintenance, you need to constantly check your program and perform the necessary maintenance of your program regularly.

Cloud-Based Web Scrapers

Web scrapers that run through the cloud are more reliable as they run from a server created by the person you bought it from and have an off-site location. While the capacity of your computer will negatively affect the web scraping process with other web scrapers, your web scraping project will not be adversely affected if you use a cloud-based web scraper. You can also do other operations while your computer is taking care of web scraping, you cannot perform any operations from the computer when you are not using a cloud-based web scraper. When you hire cloud-based web scrapers, it will notify you when the scraper has finished extracting the data. You can use this scraper type for projects that need to scrape huge amounts of data.

For What Purposes Can You Use Web Scraping?

It is possible to find many kinds of data on the internet, which is developing and growing day by day and has a very large volume. There are several ways you can use the data you find on your e-commerce-based website. The most common uses of web scraping can be described as follows:


Price tracking method: Many websites that sell on the Internet need to learn the prices of other websites, and they create a new marketing strategy for themselves thanks to this information, so price tracking is of great importance to rise in e-commerce. Many web scrapers are also designed for exactly this purpose. Web scrapers used to monitor prices on other retail websites and trends from other competitor companies will get you one step ahead.

Real estate market: Web scrapers used for price monitoring and competitor analysis are also known to be used to monitor rentals and sales prices in a particular area. Although this use is usually used on real estate sites, this method can also be used by people who want to buy a house and enter the real estate sales business.

Increasing the number of potential customers: Marketing professionals who want to increase the sales of services and products on certain websites also take the help of web scrapers. It is a well-known fact that marketers scrape data from many business-based websites such as LinkedIn. By scraping the information on these websites, the trends and expertise of potential customers can be easily learned.

Customer feedback: Many companies that sell online or physically are curious about what their customers think about products and services. People love to share their thoughts on products and services online. For this reason, brands use web scrapers to understand how people view their products and services.

What Factors Should You Consider When Choosing Any Web Scraper?

People who want to obtain meaningful information from the data on the websites and use this information to improve the website should use the web scraping method. You need a web scraper for web scraping to happen, but how will you know if the web scraper you need is the one you got? Here are the factors you need to pay attention to understand this:

  • The web scraper you want to use needs to be reconfigurable according to your web scraping needs. So if you are going to work on a big project for a short time and then start a lower project, the web scraper you will use needs to be able to adapt to it, so scalability is one of the most important criteria for a web scraper.
  • You need to make sure that the price of the web scraper you want to use or rent is told to you in a completely transparent manner. If the fee communicated to you is not a completely transparent fee, you may encounter hidden costs later on and you may pay more than you planned to pay in this way. To avoid such a problem, make sure that the web scraper you pay for has a completely transparent pricing policy. It would be best to choose a web scraper company that has a completely clear price policy.
  • You need to know whether the web scraper you prefer can deliver in the data format you need to be delivered. For example, if you need data in JSON format, the web scraper you want to import must be able to store data in JSON format. Also, to develop a secure web scraping process, it is very important to choose a web scraper that can store your data in multiple formats. A web scraper must be able to deliver data in XML, JSON, and CSV formats.
  • If you are going to scrape data on the Internet, one of the most important things you need to know is that there is software that will prevent you from scraping data on the Internet. If you are going to try to scrape a website that has software that will prevent data scraping, you should make sure that the data scraper you choose can overcome these obstacles.
  • It is very important to have a support team you can contact if you encounter any problems while operating your web scraper and need any assistance in resolving this issue. As you know, if you can’t use a web scraper properly, it’s not worth hiring that web scraper, so if you decide to buy a web scraper, make sure that web scraper has a customer support team.
  • Since most of the data found on websites are unexamined and not categorized in a specific way, the data needs to be cleaned and organized by a web scraper before this information can be used. You will have made the most logical choice if you choose a web scraper that you are sure of the quality of the data you obtain and that it will be of use to you.

Reasons to Choose for Web Scraping

Our web scraper named Scrape is one of the most popular web scraping tools and is designed to help users provide multiple benefits for you. We can list the reasons why you should choose as follows:

  • is completely transparent in the price tariffs it offers, and you do not face any additional fees like other companies that hire web scrapers.
  • Thanks to the software that has, your web scraping will not face anti-web scraper issues like Captcha, HTML fingerprinting.
  • You can store the data you obtain using in the format you want.
  • Since is a completely cloud-based web scraper, it can be used on fairly large projects and is completely reliable.
  • Because uses constantly changing IP addresses, it can never be detected, so your web scraping will never be interrupted.
  • maximize data quality by obtaining the best quality data and offers you the best quality information on the subject you want.
  • Although seems to be ideal for large projects, it can also be used for small projects, it has advanced features in itself.

For the reasons we have listed above, is one of the most preferred web scrapers. If you want to rent and use this web scraper, contact us now!

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