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4 Benefits of Scraping Google Search Results

10 mins read Created Date: January 04, 2022   Updated Date: February 22, 2023
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Web scraping, which website owners or analysts use to extract data, can also be used on Google’s search engine results pages, and using search engine results page scrapers is one of the best things you can do for your business.

In this article, we will tell you the meaning of web scraping, what search engine results pages are, the data you can get from Google search engine results pages, Google search engine results pages, how Google understands scraping processes, what search engine results page scrapers do, Google search We talked about the benefits of scraping engine results pages, why you should scrape Google search engine results pages, what to consider when scraping search engine results pages, and the best search engine results page scraper.

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What does Web Scraping Mean?

Since the internet has a very important place today, all data on the internet becomes more important every day, and companies that sell over the internet or want to access data on the internet are automatically involved in data collection. Thanks to web scraping or data scraping, which we can call automatic data collection, instead of manually visiting websites and reading the data on these pages and extracting data, the desired pages can be scanned using scripts or web scrapers and the data on these pages can be easily extracted. Data extracted from a website is perfectly structured for later reuse and is then saved in databases, repositories, or files.


What are Search Engine Results Pages?

Search engine results pages or SERP, which list all results when you enter any search query, are a page that shows organic search results and paid search results. The organically listed search result is listed with a robust algorithm and only Google determines this list. While organic searches include the page title, page URL, and meta description, there are also frequent posts and site links. Paid search results, on the other hand, are the results marked with a small advertisement icon in the upper left corner of the article with the description and title of the website.

Scraping Google Search Results

Search engine optimization, which is necessary for your company to develop and become more popular, is a very necessary strategy for websites. If you do not include this strategy, which allows you to be more visible on the Internet, on your website, you will become invisible and your customers will be stolen by your competitor companies that rank higher on Google search engine results pages, so unless you do the search engine optimization correctly, you will be doomed to failure.

It is quite common for these pages to be scraped, as Google search engine results pages contain data that is of great importance to every company listed on that page. Although a small part of the data of these companies is in Google Ads or Google Analytics, it is also possible to scrape the data of competing companies directly from Google.

What can be Scraped from the Google Search Results Page?

If you want to access the data of a competitor company that appears higher on the search engine results pages, we can say that you can access the following data in the table by scraping the Google search engine results pages:

  • Organically ranked results
  • Other queries related to the search query
  • Prices on websites
  • Advertisements of websites
  • Questions people often ask
  • Reviews of products or services

In addition to the fact that all of the data you obtain can be extracted in real-time, it is also possible to save this data to files in JSON, XML, or CSV format.

How Does Google Understand Scraping Operations?

Since Google’s algorithm is cautious about scraping, it can detect the keywords that have been searched in a short time and the IP address, which is the identity of internet users trying to scrape the search results with minor changes in these keywords. Web scraping can also be detected by detecting the frequency of the number of access requests to a page on Google.

What Do Search Engine Results Page Scrapers Do?

Google, which is not against the application of web scraping, has taken some precautions such as the introduction of captcha and error pages to the search engine results pages by taking the precaution. Although these measures often prevent search engines from extracting large volumes of data from results pages, since the data on search engine results pages is a very valuable data source for personal, commercial, and industrial purposes, software developers tried to find some ways to avoid these obstacles. SERP scrapers that help you scrape search engine results pages were born for this need.

What Are the Benefits of Scraping Google Search Results?

Since the data on the Google search engine results pages provide serious information about competing companies or businesses, website owners are trying to scrape this data. Read on for a brief look at the benefits of scraping this data:

  • One of the most important benefits of the Google search results data you get with the data scraping tool from the internet is that the data you get is completely accurate and you can get results faster with this data.
  • It is possible to gather a list of e-mail addresses or phone numbers for the campaigns you organize to promote your products or services to other people by searching the Google search engine results pages.
  • If there is a business that sells the same product you sell, you can find out by scraping the Google search engine results pages, you can compare your product with that product, and you can easily learn which aspects of your product you need to highlight.
  • Some campaigns you want to organize may require you to download product images, which may take more time than necessary. But you can quickly get to the photos and data just by entering the keyword and using the Google SERP scraper.


Scraping Benefits for Businesses

Some Reasons You Should Scrape Google Search Results Page

It has been seen that people aim to increase the ranking of the website by scraping the search engine results pages and checking how visible their products are compared to competing companies. In addition to these, you can improve your SEO strategy, review your marketing methods, conduct research, and search other websites using search engines using Google search engine results pages scraper.

Improve Your SEO Strategy

We all know how important the organic and online traffic generated by search engines is. Considering the degree of this importance, it can be said that search engine optimization is one of the best strategies you can use to improve your business. By obtaining the data on the search engine results pages, you can determine your ranking in the Google search engine results pages and review the rankings of your competitors. In addition to these benefits, it is possible to learn which keywords your competitors are using that you do not use or the most frequently used keywords in your field. This data from search engine results pages can also help you see which of your technical search engine optimization strategies are working and which are not.

Review Your Marketing Methods

By scraping the data of paid ads, which are one of the results on the search engine results pages, you can easily find out with which keywords these ads are in the first place and on the first page. Although it is quite easy to place paid advertising on search engines, you need to find keywords with high search volume and words with low bid value for your ad to reach the required audiences. To find these words, all you have to do is use a customized web scraper for search engine results pages. It also allows you, as a business, to see which products of competing businesses are advertising and how which products consumers are trending and how they are responding to the products they are trending. During these actions, you will also have the chance to apply these methods to your brand by obtaining useful feedback.

Retrieve Data from Other Websites

Although Google is the most frequently used search engine for scraping search engine results pages due to its status as the most popular search engine, you can also use a scraper on other websites that have search engines to collect data faster. Let us explain this with an example. A used car website has a specialized search engine that you can use to find specific search patterns. You can organize your search results in a fairly easy way using a search engine results page scraper. Thanks to this convenience provided, you can easily make the examination you want to do and define the car models you want.

Conduct Research

Whether it’s purely for personal and hobby purposes or to improve your business, a search engine should be preferred first to start any research. With a search engine results page scraper, you can easily provide data for the topics you are researching, and have the opportunity to gather all the data you need and research in one place.

Scraping Tips for Best Search Engine Crawl

Crawling search engine results pages can be more challenging than you think, as search engines have anti-bot systems and CAPTCHA protections that can block your crawl. If you don’t want to have trouble crawling search engines, try these methods:

  • A robust, reliable, and consistent Proxy is needed for continuous IP address changes. You have to be careful that these Proxies are anonymous and fast, the IP addresses this Proxy offers should not have any bad history against Google.
  • Try to use between fifty and one hundred and fifty different Proxies depending on the number of results from the search queries and the intensity of the ongoing scraping, keep in mind that some projects may require more than one hundred and fifty Proxies. Also, if your action is detected by Google’s anti-bot software, stop scraping immediately.
  • As soon as your IP address changes, you should clear the cookies immediately or disable the IP addresses you have used before, otherwise, you are likely to be caught.
  • Do not forget to add a few keywords that do not have more than a thousand results to the keywords you will search.
  • You should also change your IP address immediately after the keyword change, as between three hundred and a thousand results can be obtained for each keyword you have chosen.

What Is The Best Search Engine Results Page Scraper?

There are several different ways to implement search engine results page scrapers, which are used to scrape information from search engines and combine and store data, and in addition to these ways, there are specialized search engine results page scrapers that focus on the different types of data found in different search engines. These varieties aside, we can say that we own one of the best search engine results page scrapers,

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