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The 10 Best Rotating Proxy Service For Web Scraping

11 mins read Created Date: October 20, 2021   Updated Date: February 22, 2023
This article will inform you about various free or paid best residential, datacenter and mobile rotating, back connect, residential rotating proxies. You can find comparison of advantages and disadvantages of all companies here.


In today’s world, tissue breakdown plays a vital role. Converts data into structured format. In fact, it has been considered the most valuable asset in the development of the Internet. Therefore, Google and other search engines rely on sophisticated web scrapers to extract content.

There are several ways to export data from the site, such as custom scripts, manual data collection and shaving tools. Different types of web data mining tools are available in the market at affordable costs that can benefit greatly. Typically, data processing companies and scientists prefer web scraping software to enjoy the effectiveness as well as the reliability of web scraping software.

This article will inform you about various free or paid best rotating proxy, backconnect proxy, rotating proxies.

Web recovery software allows webmasters, bloggers, journalists, and virtual assistants to collect data from a specific site, either in text, numbers, contact information, and images in a structured way that cannot be easily copied and pasted manually. large volume of data to be deleted. It typically converts unstructured data on the Web, from HTML to structured data stored in a local database or spreadsheet.



Datacenter, residential and mobile rotating proxies API for Web Scrapers

Website : Best Rotating Proxy & Scraping API Alternative provides rotating proxies for web scraping, search engine scraping, listing scraping, e-commerce price scraping, social media, any web pages scraping. offers a group of proxies totaling 70 million unique IPs with 1,000,000 unique IPs per day and 10 million + unique IPs per week, proxies are priced based on the port and the number of threads you can create at a time. They are known as proxies that are interchangeable servers.

In addition to proxies, they also have their feet rotated in the data center and mobile proxy categories. Proxies work well enough to detect and scan the web. Where this service really shines is the quality of the proxies it uses. This is ideal for those who do not want to fit in and want a premium and fast service.

With the free tier, you can send 1000 requests with 5 active connections each month. has an advantage over all other rotating proxy services in terms of price and performance. It is more advantageous in terms of price with parameters such as the request limit it can throw monthly, the number of simultaneous requests it can use. The entire proxy infrastructure is built on residential, datacenter, mobile proxy. It automatically receives requests from the user and throws them to the relevant location using the best performance IP. 300,000 api requests per month, unlimited bandwidth, and more, the starter package price is $ 29. You can also create a special package for your needs and get a price quote. You can get a 7-day money back guarantee.

2. BrightData


BrightData (formerly Luminati) Residential Rotating Proxies


BrightData is one of the most popular proxy providers and offers a huge group of residential proxies. The team consists of more than 34 million IPs for web scraper.

In addition, it offers IP address functions from almost every country in the world that attracts web scraper for smooth operation. It is easy for scrapers to use reliable sites. It attracts marketing companies to take advantage of a different website to improve promotional services on different social media platforms from the desired website.

In addition, it is one of the most powerful proxies and anti-server is not easy to detect. Therefore, it minimizes download chances and allows users to complete the task smoothly.

Users can get the startup program for this service for $ 500 and use up to 40 GB of data. But if you want to use more, the program is available in advance at $ 1000, which allows the use of up to 100 GB.

3. Smartproxy


Smartproxy Rotating Proxies without limits


Launched in 2018, it has already managed to claim a good chunk of the stock market. Today, Smartproxy may be the third largest broker… And it gets in touch with the two market leaders very quickly.

First of all, I must commend Smartproxy’s marketing efforts. For quite some time now, I’ve been seeing provider ads everywhere - or at least anywhere.

Another important factor is placement. It’s no secret that BrightData and Oxylabs want to see their business. This left a large gap in the market open for grabs, with many small brokers competing for less profitable but still attractive clients. When Smartproxy appeared, it focused on this type of laser client and quickly eliminated many of the sneaker heads, Instagram hustlers and scrapers.

Perhaps because of the right priorities, the company manages to charge less than all of its biggest competitors, providing essentially the same tools under the hood. This is especially true for affiliate programs starting at $ 75 / GB and increasing the Enterprise program ($ 3,000 / 1 TB). Database servers start at $ 0.5 per GB and stay that way.

The Smartproxy proxy server business model is based on traffic, so you will have access to the same IP number regardless of the plan. Exceeding the limit will cost you a certain amount for each additional GB.

Please note that the subscription is renewed automatically, so you should deactivate it manually if you decide to stop using the service.

4. Oxylabs


Oxylabs, Scale your scraping project with rotating proxies


Oxylabs is another proxy server that offers a total of more than 60 million residential IPs. Allows users to use IP from anywhere in the world.

The web crawler can perform web scraping, rendering you redundant from other services. They also offer a dedicated account manager for each user, although this does not mean that one person is dedicated to your account, which is similar to almost any other service. Oxylabs surpasses BrightData in terms of anonymity, which has been shown to have fewer site blocks. But offers a larger group of rotating proxies.

It offers many attractive features, such as alternate proxy servers and regular private servers that automatically rotate at the server level.

In addition, it offers various other services, such as proxies for data mining, proxies for crawling, proxies for deleting web, proxies for market research or ad verification. It allows users to complete projects smoothly and quickly using a large IP team.

This proxy server is that it offers a real-time detector that is an Internet search engine and a great e-commerce withdrawal option. Allows web scrapers to easily export search engines and e-commerce sites.

This server-level importer is available for $ 300, allowing users to use up to 20 GB of data. If you want more, three levels are available in advance.

5. NetNut


NetNut, Web data extraction without blocking


NetNut is one of the most advanced and smart providers offering its services at affordable prices. It is a reliable and secure mediation provider. It offers a money back guarantee that is not offered by many reputable service providers.

This proxy server offers a total of more than twenty million proxy servers as well as unlimited bandwidth. Provides a simple and user-friendly control panel for users to also manage usage and billing.

It is one of the easiest functions of a proxy server and offers great results for its clients. It is able to connect directly to IP from around the world.

In addition, it is one of the cheapest proxy servers and offers 100 GB of data at $ 700. That means it costs you $ 7 per GB. It offers the lowest price compared to other proxies we discussed above.

6. StormProxies


StormProxies Residential Backconnect Rotating Proxies

Website :

It has just 70,000 proxies, with no real control panel, limited configuration options, and you can not even target the country in the few available US and EU locations.

However, the company has carved out a comfortable position with a surprisingly loyal following. Storm Proxies is for short-term scrapers, sneaker coppers, Instagram administrators and Pokemon catchers - and will not try to talk to you to think otherwise.

The price also says: the largest design for the residential costs $ 300. Some companies start with more, maybe double. Add some well-placed ads here and there, word of mouth and suddenly the popularity of StormProxy starts to make sense.

Simply put, these proxies are cheap and affordable. Price starts at just $ 19 and goes up to $ 1,600 a month for the largest package. Each program gives you access to the full 40,000 proxy network.

Storm Proxies are not sold by bandwidth or IP number. Instead, you will pay for open doors. This basically means the number of portal addresses you have access to.

Specially designed tickets and sneakers cost the same amount as general packages - but their sites may not display larger packages.

You can get a 24-hour money back guarantee, but only if you buy the small $ 50 package.



PacketStream Residential Proxy Network


PacketStream has a uniqueness that sets it apart from the other providers on the list. In addition to selling proxies to their customers, they also provide opportunities for Internet users to share their Internet connection and bandwidth in exchange for some cash.

The mediation network is based on a pair network model for pairing. One thing you will love about PacketStream is that proxies are cheap. Interestingly, proxies are interchangeable proxies and you can use them to crop the web without encountering any form of block other than occasional Captchas.



PrivateProxy clean proxy provider for all of web.

Website: is a high quality HTTP / HTTPS anonymity provider that has been operating since 2011 and provides high quality proxy servers along with top customer service.

High-speed and low-frequency proxies are suitable for a wide range of applications, such as general purpose browsing, social media marketing, video streaming, SEO data scraping, shoe handling and more. is very secretive about proxy sites. Aside from having servers in the US, UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Hong Kong, we do not know much about their site or customer support. You can manually request mediation from any of these sites depending on your post-registration needs.

As we bought exclusive agents and tested the agents’ geographical locations, we found one of the proxies from Kazakhstan. The five proxies in the United States came from the states of Arizona and Florida. The other proxies were from Germany. These proxies were downloaded by default and we think it is good to map different sites.

9. Microleaves


Microleaves Private Proxies


When it comes to residential proxies, Microleaves covers you with more than 26 million of them. Rotating proxies appear every five minutes and there is absolutely no bandwidth limit to worry about. Price points vary greatly depending on what you need.

They let you switch proxies every 5 minutes, which is faster than many other backconnect providers. However, this service is available at a very high price of $ 5 per proxy per month for proxies worldwide and $ 10 per month per proxy for US-based proxies. The biggest draw for Microleaves is the lack of bandwidth charging which is quite rare for home servers. If you have a fairly steady stream of requests that can spread to a range of ports that have not been counted and need home servers, this may be a service worth seeing.

10. ProxyMesh


ProxyMesh Rotating Anonymous HTTP Proxy


In contrast to an open proxy server, ProxyMesh proxies are only accessible to certified users. If someone tries to log into both the site and the proxies in your account several times in a row, their IP address will be automatically blocked for several hours on each failure.

ProxyMesh uses various security measures to protect your data, such as: E.g: Encryption, firewalls and access controls. We store the information you provide to us on a computer system that is in a controlled installation with limited access. Employees only see your data based on knowledge.

Each plan has access to an open proxy server with 200 to 1000 open IP proxies. Thousands of open IP proxies are collected and monitored every 15 minutes, so only hundreds pass the test and around 15 IPs are changed every 15 minutes. This open proxy offers a variety of IPs, but these IPs are slower and more error prone.


Web retrieval allows you to export any type of data you want. If you are in the market for a web scraping tool, we recommend that you search for It is an easy-to-use platform with a generous free proxy list and comprehensive features that will help you make the most of your data.

Intermediaries are lifeguards on scrapers as they help you exceed application limits and avoid foreclosure. Whatever the category of Internet, you will definitely receive proxies from the list above.

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