Getting Started exposes very simple and customizable very fastest proxy web scraper API in an endpoint.

What is the API? is very simple and fast api gateway for web scraping with rotating proxies. You can use easily and customize all features.

How does it works?

By sending parameters such as URL, Header, Body etc. to the API, you can access the target website via proxies and obtain the raw data you want. The all request parameters you send to will be forwarded to the target website without changes.

Basic Usage exposes a single API end-point. 'token' and 'url' query string parameters should be send with each requests. You can access your API token in dashboard.

Please use url encoding for target URL.

-- CODE language-shell --
curl ""

You need to know

  • The data center, residential and mobile IPs from a large IP pool are used to crawl a target site with 99.9% success, with using different IPs for every request.
  • Each request returns raw HTML, JSON, XML or any data along with headers and cookies.
  • You will only be charged for the 200 and 404 status codes. For other occasions, you will not be charged.
  • If you exceed the rate limit, you will receive an error code 429. You may be able to resolve this issue when you set your request limit to meet the same conditions as your subscription plan.
  • Please note that there is a 2 MB response size limit for each request! If you exceed the limit, the transaction is considered successful, and 2 MB of the full response will be returned to you.
  • If the monthly request limit is exceeded or you have an unpaid bill, you will get a 401 error.
  • You can use the features specified on other pages by sending more than one parameter at the same time..
  • Updated:
    October 14, 2021
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