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What is Price Scraping by Residential Proxy Script?

10 mins read Created Date: January 26, 2022   Updated Date: February 22, 2023
Since Residential Proxy is the most commonly used type of Proxy when scraping price, in this article we will tell you what Proxy is, what Proxy does, what are the types of Proxy, what are Proxies for, what is data scraping and more!

Scraping prices on e-commerce sites is an important strategy that can help you understand how rival companies are selling their products online, and get an idea of ​​what marketing strategies they follow. By using the price scraping method, you can find out when other competing e-commerce sites offer serious discounts, and you can make your company more popular by making discounts during these periods. In general, we can say that price scraping will help you determine the next steps of your e-commerce based online store.

Since Residential Proxy is the most commonly used type of Proxy when scraping price, in this article we will tell you what Proxy is, what Proxy does, what are the types of Proxy, what are Proxies for, what is data scraping, what is web scraper, what price scraping is for, how you can do price scraping with a Residence Proxy, and why you should choose for price scraping.

As we rent Residential Proxies for you, which you can easily use for web scraping. With our Residential Proxies, which you can rent at a more affordable price than the market, you will both increase your security to the highest level, have fast internet, get rid of all malware, and perform data scraping from the internet quickly. Remember we are here for you if you have any questions! Are you ready to learn what price scraping is and get detailed information about Residential Proxies?

What is a Proxy?

Proxies, which are a tool that allows you to pass through another channel to the website you want to log in to, are also called proxy servers or intermediate servers. When you connect to the Internet and log into the Internet online, you are tracked by all the websites you visit. You can be tracked not only by websites but also by your internet service provider. Due to this tracking, your IP address becomes a collection of numbers that show your behavior to the internet service provider and websites. So much so that with this IP address, it is even possible to reach your home address. Since using a proxy will hide your IP address, you will not compromise your privacy while surfing the internet.

What Does Proxy Do and Why Is It Used?

As an internet user, under normal conditions, you have to log in to the internet browser and type the URL link of the website you want to enter in the address section of the internet browser and press the Enter key. However, if you are using a proxy server, instead of typing the address of the website you want to enter into your internet browser, if you write to the website that provides proxy service, the proxy server of that website will enter that page and show you the content of the page completely correctly. In other words, you do not use your IP address to reach the website, but the IP address of the proxy server. In this way, you will have a secure and fast connection as you will completely hide your IP address.


Using a proxy has many benefits, such as increasing the speed of accessing resources, ensuring the correct connection for internet use, ensuring your internal system security, preventing malware and viruses, and providing support for private security control. Internet users frequently use proxy servers, as it becomes possible to access websites that are banned or blocked in your region by using proxy servers.

If you want to make your internet access more free and secure, you should definitely try using a proxy. Although proxy servers are generally used to log into prohibited websites, these servers are also used to have fast internet by many companies that find their internet servers insufficient. It is a well-known fact that many famous companies prefer Proxy servers to protect company data. In addition, proxies are also used to protect from advertisements, scams, frauds, data leaks, and such bad situations that can lead to negative consequences.

What are Proxy Types?

Proxy types available in the market are Data Center Proxies, Distorting Proxies, Rotating Proxies, Anonymous Proxies and Residential Proxies. Let’s take a brief look at these Proxy types one by one, as these Proxy types have their own specific uses:

Data Center Proxies

Data Center Proxies, which are known for their speed and whose most important feature is their speed, are Proxies that look like a Proxy working with the cloud. This type of Proxy is not strictly dependent on real devices and they use IP addresses generated virtually by the computer.

Distorting Proxies

With Distorting Proxies, which deliberately uses wrong IP addresses in login requests to websites, you appear to be logging into the website over a different geographical location, so you can easily log in to geographically blocked websites.

Rotating Proxies

These proxies are proxies that provide a high level of security and privacy, as you will have a new IP address with your request every time you request to access the website.

Anonymous Proxies

If you do not want the house you live in or the location you are currently in to appear when logging into a website, you need to use Anonymous Proxies. These Proxy types do not transmit your IP address to the websites you log in to, and they allow you to get rid of the ads of the websites that target you.

Residential Proxies

You can choose to connect from any region you want with Residential Proxies, which automatically assigns you the IP address of a physical mobile device or a desktop device. These proxies, which allow you to choose the country, city, or mobile operator you want, help you browse the internet as if you are a real person living in that region.

What Does Web Scraping and Web Scraper Mean?

Web scraping, which is usually an automated process aimed at extracting data from websites, is a strategy that can be easily used by humans and can also be done manually. Although it seems that the automatic method is always used, it is seen that some companies do this manually. This way of web scraping is strongly discouraged, as using web scraping manually would be a completely slow and inefficient option. It is a more common method to use special software developed for web scraping and extract the data through this software, rather than doing web scraping manually.

Web scrapers, which are used to scrape data from websites and categorize the scraped data in a certain way, can examine thousands of websites within a few hours to obtain the information you want and store the information you want in a specific location. These softwares, which perform the process that a person should spend hundreds of hours in just a few hours, are also programmed to store the data they obtain in an easily analyzable way. That is, the data obtained by web scrapers is stored in a database or in a spreadsheet that can also be viewed offline. This stored information can then be used by the person who wants to store the data.

What Does Price Scraping Mean?

Price scraping, which is based on extracting price information from the internet using software or a web browser, is very important for the development of an e-commerce site. The software used for this process must search, find and copy the data regarding the price information on the predetermined websites to another file. The main purpose of this process is to create an accurate pricing policy by reviewing the data of the websites dealing with e-commerce.

Many websites are aware of this process and use anti-scraping tools to prevent prices and all data from being scraped, making it difficult to scrape e-commerce sites. Since these anti-scratch tools can mistake real people for bots, this process is getting more difficult every day.

How Do You Scrape the Prices of Competitor E-commerce Sites?

If you plan to scrape prices on certain websites and want to realign your pricing policy to those of other companies, the first step is to find out who your competitors are. For example, if you are a company that aims to sell products at affordable prices, websites with designer products are not your competitors, and scraping these websites would be a waste of time. Instead, if you find e-commerce sites that make sales for the same purpose as you and scrape the price information of these websites, it will make more sense for you. Once you have found out who these websites, i.e. your competitors, are, you can start data scraping.


‍If you intend to scrape data containing price information from websites, remember that your team must have a person with expertise in this subject. If there is no such person in your team, you can get help from a person who is an expert in this field or a freelancer. You should make sure that the person you prefer has the knowledge to run software that can scrape data from competing websites. After you have the data obtained by this person who is an expert in the technical field, you can apply a pricing policy where you can regulate your prices according to the prices of other companies in order to compete with rival companies.

You can command software for data scraping to scan price information only once, then order that data to be processed into a spreadsheet. However, you should not forget that the price information you have maybe the data before the rival companies change the prices. Let’s reinforce this with an example so you can understand it better. Let’s say you did a price scan in February, you reached the prices of competing websites with this price scan and rearranged your prices according to these websites, maybe you increased the prices. However, contrary to what you thought and planned, there was a serious decrease in product sales. The reason for this may be that other websites have reduced prices in March. For this reason, you need to repeat the price research you will do at certain intervals and reach static data.

Price Scraping by Residential Proxy Script

The usually recommended Proxy type for price scraping for your e-commerce site is Residential Proxy. If you do not want the website where you will use price scraping data to be understood and your IP address to be detected, the first Proxy type you should choose for security and reliability is Residential Proxy. Datacenter Proxies are also often used for price scraping and although they are faster, these Proxy types are not recommended for price scraping as they do not give you serious security. You will not compromise your anonymity when you use Residence Proxies, but your speed will slow down, however, it doesn’t matter how fast a proxy server you have as long as you are not anonymous.

Why Choose for Price Scraping?

Now that you have learned what price scraping is, why it is important for businesses, why Residential Proxies are used for price scraping, let’s talk about why you should choose

  • By using’s Rotating Residential Proxy servers, you can scrape even huge websites and perform a large-scale scraping process. You can plan an accurate pricing policy with the extensive data you have scraped.
  • If you price the products or services on your website without looking at other websites, your products may have a lower or higher price than the market. This will both reduce your brand quality and hinder your earnings. However, using’s Residential Proxy servers, you can accurately scrape prices from other websites and make pricing more accurate.
  • With the SEO content compatibility that will provide you, you can have a better ranking in the result pages of search engines. You can get better traffic with your increased indexing and improved SEO.
  • If you’re aiming to scrape prices on competing websites, you’ll need IP addresses that are constantly changing. Scraping data from major retail e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay is much more difficult than you might think because these websites block the IP address whenever there is any data scraping. For this reason, you should use Rotating Residential Proxies that can constantly change your IP address, and the best address to reach these Proxies is

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