Data Crawler Software - How Do They Work?

8 mins read Created Date: November 02, 2021   Updated Date: February 22, 2023
The web crawler software mainly works with search engines in harmony. We can say that a search engine basically boosts the performance of web crawler software. Let’s see more about them.

A web crawler software, also known as a spider or web crawler bot, is software that scans and extracts pieces of information from many websites throughout the Internet. A web scraping software scans and acknowledges as many websites as possible so as to be ready when specific data is needed. When the duty arrives, the software instantly extracts the data from these scanned websites. So, simply, crawling software access web pages and collect information and do all of it automatically.

The web crawler software mainly works with search engines in harmony. We can say that a search engine basically boosts the performance of web crawler software. When a search engine algorithm and information extracted by a web crawler software are combined, search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, or Yandex could list the related URLs as a response to the search entries.

You can imagine a web crawler software as your super-organized friend at school. He/She organizes all the dispersed information related to the classes. And, gathers all this information and orders them like a list. So, if you need to learn about some details related to your course, you can find it simply and rapidly from the prepared list. Because the field, the class, the subject, the suggested reading lists, the author, whatever comes into your mind, are already categorized and sorted by that organized friend.

How Does A Web Crawler Work?

A web crawler software scans the web, looks for data, categorizes this information, eventually indexes and sorts these pieces of data. Hence, at the end of the day, the extracted data could easily be retrieved and assessed.


The sequential actions of such software must be determined before the process of web crawling starts. The user shall set every step in order to run the software efficiently. After organizing the action, the web crawler software is ready to be started. After web scrawler software is initiated, it starts to do the pre-determined orders one by one and automatically. At the end of the process, web crawler software produces an output of an indexed list of information.

Web crawler software is a smart application. As they look throughout the URLs of web pages, the program finds interrelated URLs at the same time. And, as the web crawling software finds these links, it also lists these URLs as upcoming targets.

Since the Internet is a vast endless ocean, it could take forever to search and index all of it, and we do not need it. Thanks to smart web crawling software, the instructions related to indexing options can be filtered for analysts’ preferences and objectives. These preferences might be the order of websites to be crawled, how often to crawl these websites to not miss any news.

Why Are Web Crawling Software Important?

After the digital revolution, the number of information on the Internet has been skyrocketed. Now people have an immeasurable amount of data related to anything on blogs, video channels, social media accounts, or content web pages. In 2013, IBM revealed that every 9 pieces of information out of 10 had appeared in the last two years. And, every 2 years, people on these blogs, social media pages, etc., keep doubling this amount.

On the other hand, even though the vast data seems nice, 90 percent of this information is unstructured. Only 1 out of 10 information is categorized and organized so that if somebody needs that specific information, he or she could easily retrieve that data. So, at this stage, the web crawler rings the bell and hits the spot just right. Web crawling software has the ability to index all this dispersed information for search engine motors to help them to match user queries and relevant outcomes. Without the existence of web crawlers software this morning, you wouldn’t be able to find how to tie your tie steps, or astrology 101 detailed guide, etc. This is why web crawling software is so crucial for the Internet and for your daily life.

Web Crawling vs Web Scraping- What Are The Differences?

Web scraping tools extract and download information on web pages. And generally, web scraping tools are more target-oriented than web crawling software. The web scraping tools look for a specific set of data on the web only. On the other hand, web crawling software executes a continuous process by keeping tracking URLs of web pages and crawling these websites.

If you are an analyst or anyone on the Internet and doing the web crawling process with no bad intentions, it is considered legal because it is under the fair use policy. Things start to get complicated if you want to use this organized information for commercial purposes. As long as you are using web crawler software, not for immoral purposes, and use the program on publicly available sources, it is entirely legal.

How To Block A Web Crawler Software?

Some websites prefer to block some web crawler software. In order to do that, they use robots.txt. A txt formed code that prevents web crawler software from reaching specific URLs. However, this method can not stop search engine motors from indexing their publicly available content.

Why Are The Web Crawler Software Called “Spiders”?

Everybody knows that “www” writing before the URLs of web pages. It means World Wide Web, which means the Internet itself. And as it contains the word “web” in its full name, the Internet community prefers to call web crawler applications “spiders”. As a web crawler, software crawls throughout the web, just like a spider crawling on its spiderwebs.

What Are Some Web Crawler Software Examples?

All well-known search engines use web crawler software. Depending on the size of the search engine, multiple usages of web crawler is quite common for some specific targets of businesses.

For instance, there is Yahoo! Slurp is used and managed by Yahoo! as a web crawler software. DuckDuck Bot for DuckDuckGo, Yandex Bot is here for Yandex, Baidu has BaiduSpider, and Google has Googlebot for its indexing purposes.

Bing, for example, has more targeted bots, namely, BingPreview and MSNBot. MSNBot was used to be Bing’s leading standard web crawling software, yet as it became obsolete, now it only used by Bing for more specified minor web crawling tasks.

Importance Of Web Crawler Software For SEO Applications

SEO methods are used to improve website accessibility when it is looked for via a popular search engine. And to have an efficient and successful SEO strategy, the web page shall be accessible and readable for a web crawler software. With the help of web crawling software, search engines are able to lock into the web pages. Moreover, web crawler software also assists these search engines in monitoring changes of a website and keeping them up-to-date about millions of content online. So, web crawler software helps you to co-operate with search engines, make your URL more visible and reachable, and besides all, it also enhances the user experience of a website. As a result, it seems that web crawling software is coming with the territory when it comes to SEO applications.

The Importance Of Bot Management For Web Crawling Applications

Inefficient web crawling bots and inefficient usage of them cause many problems for the user’s crawling processes. It might cause poor levels of user experience, data theft, and server crashes related to spam issues. However, you should be very careful when banning web scraping bots. As if you do the elimination process without attention, you might throw out the baby with the bathwater. Do not block efficient bots with the bad ones as they are so crucial to have access to the contents of the web. With proper bot management, you can keep good bots to access web pages and keep avoiding malicious bot actions.


The Applications And Functions Of A Web Crawler Software

The primary purpose of web crawler software is simply to establish indexes. So, you can see that web crawlers are the keystone element for the working basis of search engines. At first, the web crawler software surf on the web, scan the websites so as to make these links available for the web users. Targeted web crawlers are specified versions of the same software. They focus on specific content-related web pages when conducting the indexing process.

For those firms which keep fighting in a strictly competitive environment, price comparisons and reaction according to their rival’s price actions is a must. Web crawling software provides a quick comparison of price information for specified products on the web. So that the businesses can compare prices and plan their price strategy based on current information.

If data mining is the case, fully automated web crawler software rapidly extracts available information from the websites, orders them to make it possible to retrieve them immediately when it is needed.

Moreover, web analysis experts often use web-crawling software for spiders to extract and store data for website traffic or outbound links.