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250.000 Succes API Call
5 Concurrent Requests
Rotating Proxies
Keep Sessions
Unlimited Bandwith
Advanced Customizable API
Email Support
1.250.000 Success API Call
15 Concurrent Requests
JavaScript Rendering
+10 Geotargeting
Rotating Proxies
Keep Sessions
Unlimited Bandwith
Advanced Customizable API
Priority Email Support
3.500.000 Success API Call
40 Concurrent Requests
Residential & Mobile Proxies
JavaScript Rendering
+10 Geotargeting
Rotating Proxies
Keep Sessions
Unlimited Bandwith
Advanced Customizable API
Dedicated Support
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“We were using Scrape.do for our competitor tracking feature. As we need to reach various pages behind of different technologies, we need a super proxy that can handle all the request without hustle. In our company culture, delivering fast APIs is crucial. That is why we have tested similar solutions but thanks to scrape.do's friendly support and custom approach, we have reached the speed average like 800ms-900ms per each request and %99+ success rate which is amazing.”

Yigit Konur,
Product Manager at Zeo.org

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