Geo Targeting

With using geographic targeting, you can make requests from the countries that we support.

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To use geographic targeting, you must fill in the 'geoCode' attribute. Below you can find the list of supported countries.

-- CODE language-shell --
curl ""

What is geo targeting? allows you to send requests through supported countries using geo targeting. In this way, you can crawl the target web site more easily by focusing on a certain country.


It may be considered unusual for some local websites to receive worldwide traffic. Therefore, they can ban traffic from other countries. You can counteract any possible blocks by using geo targeting.


  • Beware that you need a Pro Plan to use this feature!
  • Some countries and their codes are given in the table below. The country that you cannot see below may be supported by the system, but for this you should use Business and above packages.

Supported Countries

Country GeoCode
United States us
Great Britain gb
Canada ca
Turkey tr
China cn
Russia ru
Sweden se
Germany de
France fr
Spain es
Brazil br
India in
October 14, 2021
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