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What is Web Scraping Used For? Best Practices!

10 mins read Created Date: June 19, 2022   Updated Date: February 22, 2023
Web scraping is often used for data analytics and data science, marketing and sales, competition and competitor research, Search Engine Optimization auditing and keyword research, following the development of your brand, portfolio and hedge fund management based on data, and product and website strategies.

Many websites have invaluable data that is important to your business. Although you can access the data on these websites manually, it will waste time to examine all websites. You can save time by using web scraping, where you can get information that is important to you, such as stock quotes, product details, and even company links.

With web scraping, which helps extract data from a website and save this data in a document in another format that can be accessed offline, you will save both your time and your budget. If you need any tool or support to do web scraping, we are ready to help you! As, we offer you a web scraping service where you can scrape the web in the area you want, in addition to offering you packages that fit your budget. Contact us for more information!

Web scraping is often used for data analytics and data science, marketing and sales, competition and competitor research, Search Engine Optimization auditing and keyword research, following the development of your brand, portfolio and hedge fund management based on data, and product and website strategies.

Data Science with Web Scraping

You can benefit from web scraping when you develop an artificial intelligence application and when you need this artificial intelligence application to improve itself. In order to improve the output of artificial intelligence applications, large amounts of data and information with as high accuracy as possible are needed.

By using web scraping, you can have as accurate information as possible in the areas your artificial intelligence application needs, and you can provide machine learning training in the shortest way by uploading this information to your artificial intelligence application. You’ll waste a lot of time trying to collect data one by one and categorize it based on accuracy, so using web scraping is one of the best moves you can make.

Marketing and Sales with Web Scraping

By using the Web Scraping method, you can collect the prices of a product in the category you want or products similar to your product, collect and analyze the data of your products or products, and protect your brand’s reputation.

Price Evaluation

The prices of the products on the websites may vary depending on the region or the website where the products are located. For example, you can buy a pot from the USA much cheaper than in China, or you can find a cheaper product on any website. If you are a wholesale business, it will take a long time for you to examine all the websites. You can use web scraping to get the products you want at a cheaper price and to research the prices of your competitors.

Analysis of Product Data

If the same product is on different websites and there is a serious difference between the sales of the products on these websites, the reason for this should be investigated. For example, a sneaker you sell may have lower sales, while the same sneaker sold by a competitor may be sold more. By researching the difference between websites with web scraping, you can increase your sales and make your product descriptions more attractive.

Brand Protection

Many sellers on the internet sites may imitate your products or use your name to offer products that are not of your quality. Such situations should be corrected as soon as possible, as they can negatively affect the quality, perspective, and popularity of your brand. By using web scraping to detect these situations, you can quickly identify problems before they grow and take legal action when necessary.

We can also tabulate the problems you may encounter with your brand and notice with web scraping as follows:


Your products may be offered for sale by counterfeit stores or by other stores by making your products forged. However, if you use web scraping, you can identify these products before other users buy them and protect your brand.

Copyright infringement

It is a crime if any of your copyrighted works are reposted on the internet without your express consent. By using web scraping, you can quickly spot crimes and take legal action.

Trademark infringement

If your brand’s logo, pattern, expressions, or something special and popular with your brand is used without your permission, you can find out with web scraping and sue those people.

Competition and Competitor Research with Web Scraping

Using the web scraping method, you can generate leads, set the priority of your leads for purchasing, and review your consumers’ comments about your products.

Lead Generation

Of course, you want your business to have more customers and increase the sales of the products in your business, but do you know what you need to do for this? If you want to reach additional customers, you need people who have never bought from you before and who are interested in the products in your area. You need information such as e-mail, phone, and social media accounts to identify and communicate with these people. You can save time and effort by using web scraping as it can be quite challenging to obtain this information one by one.

Prioritizing Prospective Purchases

In the method called Account-Based Marketing, you can easily obtain company graphics and technological data by using web scrapers. With the data you obtain, you can determine which behaviors your customers buy your products, and you can ensure that your company has higher sales by prioritizing. For example, if you see that your customers benefit more from a buy-one-free campaign, you can place this campaign first in the priority of your marketing strategies to increase your sales again.

Reviewing Your Consumers’ Reviews

Of course, it is pleasing to read the positive comments of your consumers about your products, while reading the negative comments is extremely disturbing. However, because negative reviews are annoying, if you avoid these reviews and ignore them, you will lose a large customer base. Therefore, you should identify the strengths and weaknesses of your products and strengthen the weaknesses of your products by obtaining all the positive and negative comments made by your customers about your products through web scraping and then examining them.

Search Engine Optimization Audit and Keyword Research with Web Scraping

If you have a website, whether your website is designed for e-commerce or not, Search Engine Optimization must be done correctly in order for your website to get more views and become popular.

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Yandex consider many factors when limiting websites in search engine results pages, and your website must adapt to these factors in order to rank at the top. However, if you do not know how to do Search Engine Optimization of your website and you have sample websites that rank high on search engine results pages, it would be a logical decision to examine these websites with web scraping to find out what you are missing.


Web Scraping Fields

When performing a Search Engine Optimization audit using the web scraping method, you can also do these:

  • You can detect technical SEO issues such as slow loading times, and broken links. While detecting these problems, you can examine the positive or negative feedback of your customers.
  • You can set new backlinks. In this way, you can analyze whether incoming and outgoing connections are working correctly.
  • You can scrape user traffic and rankings on search engine results pages of websites that sell similar products or publish similar content to yours. Through this scraping, you can find out what keywords other companies are using to gain popularity.
  • By scraping the websites on the search engine results pages, you can have new strategic ideas by learning about the content and products that you do not own but on other websites, moreover, that attract attention.
  • You can determine successful content strategies by scraping the structural features (such as using tables, word count, and title layout) of the content of popular websites that rank higher than you on search engine results pages.
  • By determining the keywords that you use frequently and that your competitors also use, you can periodically check the rank of your website in terms of these keywords. With this check, you can be aware of changes in the popularity of your website.

Tracking the Development of Your Brand or Website with Web Scraping

If your brand is a developing brand on the internet or if your brand has its own website, you already know that your popularity will increase over the internet. Since we are in the age of technology, how else can you popularize your brand?

If you want to follow step by step how your brand and website have become popular or how popular it has become, you can use the web scraping method. In addition to learning the rank of your website on the search engine results pages, you can easily learn which websites your brand is mentioned on, how it is mentioned, and whether you have a positive impression.

We can show you social media accounts and posts and news sites as examples of areas where you can do web scraping so that you can more easily research the popularity of your brand or website.

Portfolio and Hedge Fund Management Based on Data with Web Scraping

The hedge fund, which is used to obtain faster and higher returns with minimal restrictions, is one of the mutual funds where you can follow your most flexible investment strategies. The most important difference that distinguishes these funds from mutual funds is that you can sell short and you can invest with borrowed resources. In addition, by using hedge funds, you can make short and long-term gains, apply arbitrage strategies, and buy and sell real estate at the same time.

You need to leverage data to develop better investment strategies and improve your portfolio, and a hedge fund is one of the most critical funds to use data. By using the web scraping method, you can extract news articles for analysis and use these news and analysis articles to make the most accurate decisions.

Product and Website Strategies with Web Scraping

By using the web scraping method, you can create a product from scratch according to the wishes and needs of your customers, and you can do market research by analyzing how and how much competitors sell their products.

Building a Product from Scratch for Customers

Of course, you want to create a product that meets the wishes and needs of your customers, after all, both your customers and you will be satisfied with it. However, if you try to do this with manual research and marketing strategies, it will take a lot of time because you need data on a large scale. By using web scraping for this, you can get the data quickly and get the products you want.

Conducting Market Research by Analyzing Competitors

Just as a professor needs data when doing academic research, a marketer needs data when researching and analyzing other companies. Since research cannot be done without data, web scraping can be used to analyze competitors and learn about their marketing strategies. When you use web scraping, you save time and have an objective point of view as you can access the positive and negative comments of competing companies or websites at the same time. In this way, you can market your products better.

If you want to do web scraping for data science, marketing and sales, competition and competitor research, SEO optimization, brand development tracking, data-driven portfolio management, and product and website strategies, you are at the right place! With the web scraper we will offer you as, you will be able to access the data you want without any restrictions and achieve your dreams with the most accurate data.