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Best Free & Fast 8 Web Scraping Proxy Services

11 mins read Created Date: November 29, 2021   Updated Date: February 22, 2023
Best web scraping residential, mobile and datacenter proxy companies for web scraping projects. You can find all free proxy companies in the list that are fast, reliable and continuously available.


A proxy server used for a personal case is linked to a specific location. This may allow specific access to geographically restricted content. For example, consumers can search and buy flights to the cheapest locations.

Second, proxies can optimize users’ web activity and improve security by encrypting requests. For the proxies free list you are looking for, this article lists 8 of the best free proxy providers.

In most cases, companies use proxy free website servers to gain an advantage over competitors by gathering insightful information. The proxy server allows them to export and process large amounts of publicly available data on competitors’ prices, products, services, ratings, or even trends, which can speed up the decision-making process. for companies that tailor marketing, sales and pricing strategies.

Other advantages are its ability to,

  • Locate a specific geographical location or device (such as mobile)
  • Access to information from sites with IP restrictions
  • Do unlimited simultaneous searches

We know how difficult it is to choose fast proxies free service. That’s why we tested and ranked major private proxy providers to help you choose the best one for your needs.

What is a proxy?

A proxy is an intermediary between the user and the web that adds an extra layer associated with any site. Proxies have their own IP addresses, so the site the user is visiting will only see this IP proxy.

In terms of origin, there are two types of proxies, the data center and the home:
A data center proxy is a private proxy that is not associated with an ISP because it is connected and provides private IP authentication, high-level anonymity, and fast data request response times. Typically, data proxies are used for infrastructure, such as servers and web hosting.

A server proxy is a proxy that uses an IP address associated with a physical location provided by an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to a homeowner. It is a genuine IP address that can be used to mimic the behavior of organic users.

image offers a full range of services: from IP data centers (shared and dedicated), to residential proxies (shared, dedicated and mobile), to specialized tools that keep proxies internally and simply deliver the data you want. A huge team, many locations and rich targeting options. offers proxies free browser service using genuine Chrome browsers. Unlike other API services, it does not use tools like Selenium, it reveals the power of real browsers, removing the destination site without being banned. Using this method, the target site cannot detect whether it is a real web browser or crawlers. is free for 1000 requests each month! Just sign up and send request for web scraping. Credit card not required! Also integration can be done in as little as 2 minutes. See our web scraping documentation.

The millions of proxies we have are enough to drive most sites. However, in some cases, it may be difficult to crawl destination sites. For this reason, we offer you the super-proxy server to maintain our success rate.

The Super proxy pool has consists of IP at residential and mobile proxies.

Requests submitted with a super proxy team will be charged up to 10 credits for each successful API call.

5 simultaneous requests are used for super proxy access.

Both types of home servers have no limits and even encourages you to push them as much stress as possible. This is because the company uses so-called Super Proxies to balance the load. They make your requests go through an extra intermediate, but provide more stability in return.

Storm Proxies


It has just 70,000 proxies, with no real control panel, limited configuration options, and you can not even target the country in the few available US and EU locations. This is nothing compared to the bigger players.

However, the company has carved out a comfortable position with a surprisingly loyal following. Storm Proxies is for short-term scrapers, sneaker coppers and Instagram administrators and will not try to talk to you to think otherwise.

The price also says: the largest house plan costs $300. Some companies start with more, maybe double. Add some well-placed ads here and there, word of mouth and suddenly the popularity of Storm Proxies starts to make sense.

The only real expectation here is that real proxies work well - and they do.



MPP proxies have a proven business model, selling only proxies with different access options. For example, PrivateProxy shared proxies are slightly cheaper than private or proprietary proxies, and the price per proxy becomes more affordable as you increase the number of proxies you purchase.

The geography of their network is not so great: only 24 free proxies websites with a total of 220 servers. The maximum number of subnets you can purchase with a private proxy server is only 42, unless you offer a custom agreement with the MPP Group. As far as I know, they have a total of 520 subnets - a good number for any specialist broker.

Private proxies from MyPrivateProxy perform very well and the success rate is always around or above 80%. This means that four of the five connection requests will be successful and will send the data you need.

This changes with more connections: the more connections you send at a time (called concurrent proxy connections), the less successful your connections will be. This is very normal for proxies and the drop is not very significant.

If you want a consistent success rate for hundreds of concurrent connections, you need to consider server hosting.



Oxylabs is a Lithuanian brokerage provider that has been operating since 2012. Everything about it is business screams. From an original and neat site, to a list of credentials on the home page, to a dedicated account manager.

Here you will find it difficult to find any of the usual proxy targets, such as sneakers, Instagram or Twitter. I’m sure the company will be happy to cover these usage cases (if your needs are large enough), but it does not seem to be the focus.

Instead, you read things like ad verification, brand protection, market research, and business intelligence - as I said, business. In short, Oxylabs is placed as a proxy with a tie.

There are two ways to start using Oxylabs. First, there is the usual route: fill out a registration form, confirm your email and you’re done. However, you will not be able to do much unless you have one of the two cheapest real estate agents - they are the only ones who allow self-service. If you need anything else, you should talk to your account manager first.



BrightData is one of the most important players in the market, with more than 40 million residential IPs. Among the top free fast proxy providers, it is the second fastest and oldest known proxy provider. It is reliable and safe.

Proxies cover all protocols, including SOCKS5, HTTP, and HTTPS. It is also compatible with ASN. In addition to the original IP, the seller offers IP volume for mobile. If you are looking for a 100% guarantee, you can choose the type of unlock.

The only downside is the price. Even the starting price of the smallest package is $ 500 per month as a commitment and $12.50 / GB for home servers. If you want to choose mobile IP, the prices reach $ 30 / GB.



Most providers offer peer-to-peer networks, but NetNut offers home IPs from ISPs. NetNut combines with DiviNetwork to offer very fast proxy server speed, but it does not have a huge IP volume. The seller has two plans: on request and bandwidth. If you are looking for an affordable package, you can choose the larger ones. And, they also come with a personal account manager.

In addition to speed, it has good stability and better data center performance than most vendors. They have IP with good availability at all times. As requests are routed to load balancing hyper-servers, the chances of getting a positive response are higher. You can run multiple concurrent sessions and the vendor claims to have sent 30 million requests a day. It also has a Chrome extension for easy use.

The disadvantage of NetNut is the incompatibility with SOCKS5 and the availability of the list of allowed only in expensive packages. If you are ready to pay for the most expensive package, NetNut is a great choice.



It offers a high quality IP pool and has 2 million IPs covering large geographical locations. It also provides a commitment to a high level of privacy. Pricing is convenient and cost effective. Plans limit bandwidth activity so you have unlimited IPs to use.

The seller guarantees that IPs will never be blocked. The infrastructure also provides very reliable and highly available IPs. The best feature of GeoSurf is the ability to target free instagram proxies and other platforms that use age verification. GeoSurf offers Chrome and Firefox extensions for IP switching. The interface is good and comes with detailed information on the landing page. You can adjust the session time and change the port number as needed.

The main disadvantage of GeoSurf is the lack of mobile IP telephony and incompatibility with SOCKS5. There is no trial version either, but it is a very reliable brand that has been active for more than a decade.

Hide My Ass


Hide My Ass offers a free proxy service, which is very convenient when you want to browse privately, but do not have the time or permission to download additional software or browser extensions. There are limitations - premium software offers faster speeds, more secure encryption and active malware protection - but for a quick browse, it’s a good choice.

Hide My Ass the free proxies web covers your identity and IP address. It is one of the few services that allows you to select specific cities and not just countries to route your requests. The free proxy web service supports servers in New York, Seattle, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London and Prague.

Hide My Ass proxy collects log files, which include your IP address, the URLs you visit, the pages and files you viewed and when. It stores this data for 30 days - a policy that destroyed it on our wish list.

How to choose the best private proxy

Consider all this. Analyze their free proxy for websites, see how they are placed. There are usually two ways to present:

Proxies for business. Business proxy providers will usually mention their use as market research, SEO, brand protection, fare collection, pricing, e-commerce, etc.

Personal services. Personal providers typically talk about blockchain, unblocking websites, managing multiple social media accounts, sneaker copping (which is a business, but somehow it usually happens for personal use), Pokemon Go, Netflix, free Google proxies and more.

I recommend contacting the provider before purchasing their product to make sure there are no hidden charges. They will usually also ask you about your target sites and the goals you would like your servers to achieve. Tell them as much as you can - they can help you optimize proxies specifically for your needs.

Also, do not forget to read reviews. Although it agrees with the research, it is worth mentioning separately.  Here we are a free websites proxy review site, so if you are here - you are already on the right track to choosing the best provider!

The advantages and disadvantages of private proxies


Security. You do not need to notify private proxies, which means that your personal data is less likely to be compromised. Also, you do not have to worry about others doing something illegal with your lawyers that could cause you problems. Private proxies are much faster than semi-proprietary or shared proxies because you do not need to share bandwidth with anyone else. They do not slow down your browsing speed at all. Smaller number of blocks. Once again: if no one else is using proxies, you can be sure that they will not be blocked by sites like Google or Amazon. It is also more difficult to block when you start working with these IPs because you have complete control over them.


Price. Because you will only use IP, there will be no one else to bear the cost. Therefore, you can expect to always pay more for the privilege of having your own agents. You can find cheap private proxies, but they will still be more expensive than shared proxies or semi-shared IPs.

With a free proxy server you can access almost every proxy advantage, which is great until it goes wrong. The use of such services means that no one is responsible for technical errors, which may be a common occurrence in this case.

It is not easy to find best free proxies, long-term power of attorney as they quickly become obsolete and providers get paid or disappear over time.

Paid proxies are responsible for their services, with contracts and agreements in force to protect the user. For businesses, there is no choice but to pay for an exclusive brokerage service and avoid potential security issues. If you choose a trusted proxy provider, you do not have to worry about server outages or disappearances for no reason, as many will offer exclusive account support. A trusted proxy provider will also have proxy servers of ethical origin.


Apart from these, there are many other reliable proxy suppliers in the market. Remember that just because a service provider is at the top of the list does not automatically make it ideal for your requirements. Examine in detail the possibilities and choose the one that suits your requirements and limitations.

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