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Web Scraping Ideas - 9 Ways to Start

11 mins read Created Date: August 15, 2022   Updated Date: February 22, 2023
In this article, we told you how you can create projects and earn money with Web Scraping. Let’s move on and get some recent info about it, right before contacting us to offer you web scraping services!

In today’s world, as technology advances and websites are more popular than ever, data has become the most valuable asset, because we do almost everything online and we can share our opinion on everything over the internet. It is possible for you to make competitive decisions that can support your business, even if you have enough ideas about competition and changing market trends. But where will you find the data to improve your business and yourself, and to make future plans?

In the times when the internet and data scraping was not very popular, data collection was done through surveys, so it took an extremely long time to collect this data. However, today web scraping is an extremely popular and functional method where you can access all the data in the field you want with a few clicks of a button. It’s also possible for new businesses to emerge, as web scraping has become so popular and is a must-choose method for people selling products online. In this article, we told you how you can create projects and earn money with Web Scraping.

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What is Web Scraping?

Web scraping, a process that can be done both manually and automatically, is generally preferred by companies and the most important reason for using this process is the possibility of making smarter decisions. Companies also use web scraping for purposes such as scrutinizing competitors’ prices, profiling their own customers, collecting contact information from potential customers for lead generation, and targeted advertising.

It makes sense to use an automated web scraping process, as manually extracting data is extremely tedious and difficult, and can also lead to an inaccurate evaluation of the data. Using the web scraping method, you can take advantage of thousands of data points on the internet and collect clues in any area. When you examine all the data as a whole, you will have a combined insight and market trend. Now that we know what web scraping is, let’s take a look at the two different components of web scraping, web crawler, and web scraper:

  • Web Crawler: A web crawler, which looks like a human exploring the internet and discovers the data on the internet by searching, and proceeding through the relevant links, is an artificial intelligence application. Before starting any web scraping project, it is extremely important that you crawl a website with a specific URL address with a web crawler. Just as you can’t do web scraping without a web scraper, you can’t do it without a web crawler.
  • Web Scraper: With the web scraper tool, which is designed to extract data from websites extremely quickly and accurately, you can view the data you want in a single file and examine your data as you wish, with an accuracy rate close to ninety percent. All types of web crawlers need a web scraper. While the web crawler examines the data in the web browser, the web scraper processes the code and then collects the relevant data and combines it into a single file.

Top 9 Web Scraping Projects

Although web scraping may seem like a process that will only help companies, it is actually a process that can benefit anyone who needs data. You can also be sure that people selling the data also benefit immensely from web scraping, as web scraping also creates new job opportunities for people. We have told you the 9 best web scraping projects that you can generate income using the web scraping method or show on your CV when applying for a place.

Web Scraping Ideas - 9 Ways to Start image

1. You Can Offer People a Web Scraping Service

If you own a web scraper, you can offer the web scraper you own to serve people and help people who need large amounts of data meet their needs. Whatever the field, data is valuable enough to be useful to people who want to grow their businesses. By offering your web scraping services to other people, you can enable people to access this extremely valuable data they want to have, and you can reach what you want while they get what they want.

Let us help you better understand this project by exemplifying it with a small fitness service. A fitness service may be looking for private trainers to join and run their gym, it makes the most sense to use web scraping as researching private trainers one by one can be extremely challenging. With a web scraper, it is possible to learn the names of the best trainers in the city, their fees, contact information, experience level, hours they work, and the satisfaction level of their customers. When a fitness service uses web scraping, they can make a more informed decision and make people happy with their gym.

Although the customers you can find for web scraping may seem like only the close circle or a certain circle, you can discover opportunities by taking advantage of freelancer sites such as Upwork and Fiverr. Websites like Fiverr and Upwork will both help you meet the best customers and ensure you get a very reasonable fee for your service and effort.

2. Using Your Web Scraper, You Can Catch Lowest Prices and Resell Products

The outdated marketing tactics of product price drops such as discounts, last-minute deals, and lightning offers can be more effective than you think. If you make it a habit to review websites regularly, you will notice that you often encounter such low-price opportunities. If you’ve seen a really lucky drop in the price of a product that’s in high demand and bought it, you can sell it for its own price or for a much lower price.

When purchasing premium products and limited edition products, you should pay attention to their low prices. When you sell these products later, they will attract attention as they are highly coveted and difficult to obtain, and they will be sold at the price you want. With this way, which is one of the best ways to earn income by using a web scraper, you can save yourself for a short time or you can continue your life by adopting this income and making sales in this way. It is entirely up to you for what purpose, how long, and how you will use this project model.

3. You Can Take Advantage Of Arbitrage Opportunities By Using Web Scraping

While you can take advantage of arbitrage opportunities using web scraping, it would be more helpful to talk about what arbitrage is before talking about this project. Arbitrage is the process of people who buy securities such as stocks, bonds, and foreign currency that had a higher price some time ago but are now extremely low in value, and then sell these securities while they are gaining in value. In other words, arbitrage is the process of buying cheap and promising valuable papers, and selling them when the value of these valuable papers rises again.

If you think you’re good at web scraping and you have a good enough web scraper, you’ll probably find that many companies seeking a competitive advantage will want to work with you. But why make money just by selling your services, when a more profitable way is possible? You can increase your income very easily by using the arbitrage method and scraping the right data.

4. You Can Do Research and Sell This Data With Web Scraping

Even though the benefits of web scraping are seen as just getting data, you can actually bundle the data you get with web scraping and sell this data, you just need to specify the research topic and the websites you want the data from. Since academic and research institutes are always looking for lots and lots of different data, you can try to sell your data to academic and research institutes. You can even get original information and insights that may be more valuable than the data you dig, and you can use these insights in your life.

5. You Can Make Price Comparison Sites Using Web Scraping

When most people search for something online, the first place they look is by logging into a website where they can compare product data and prices on different websites. These websites are an ideal way to start a project and it has continuity, but if you want to have the best project in this regard, you will need to upgrade your own project so that they can only find the purchase in a certain category. If you want people to benefit more from the data on your website, it would be logical to analyze the data.

People do not prefer to spend a lot of money as they like to save money for their future and they often search multiple websites for the same product to find the best deal they can find before purchasing a product online. Since there are many people who gather and analyze all this data, you may prefer to collect all the information in one place and update it regularly. In this way, you will make people’s lives easier and you will have signed a great project that you can add to your CV.

Let’s reinforce it with an example so that you can better understand this subject and the project. When people want to find the best tablet they can buy for the lowest amount, you can create a website that will pop up. To design the data on this website, you should scrape the data for all tablets available on Amazon and create a comparison in terms of both pricing and customer satisfaction. In this way, you will be able to build a dataset where people can get the best value for money. You can also start using a filter system where you can specifically filter the products with fewer or more comments on your website.

6. You Can Uncover Market Opportunities with Web Scraping

Web scraping can be used to identify market opportunities, find new products or product innovations, and understand customer needs. This enables companies to offer new products that meet consumer expectations. So you can use web scraping to identify market opportunities and gaps in your product presentation.

7. You Can Scrape Leads With Web Scraping

If you know anyone who owns a business, you can help them by creating a lead database for their company. First, talk to them about the types of leads they’d find valuable. After that, use your web scraper to gather lead data from the internet to build a database for them.

8. You Can Create Apps

You might be a little nervous about this project. However, creating an app that requires you to set up a web scraper is actually pretty simple. The purpose of the app is to scrape a few specific stocks from Yahoo Finance every day and store that information in a Google Spreadsheet, which will then send you an email when any stock falls below a certain price. You can use this data to create something much more complicated—for example, an app that lets people know when the price of items they’ve saved on their wishlist drops. Or an app that tracks when airline prices decrease.

9. You Can Do a Real Web Scraping Job and Become a Data Engineer

If you’re interested in learning to scrape websites, you can develop the skills you need by becoming an entry-level web scraping engineer in the big data industry. Web scraping engineers at all levels of experience earn between $50,000 and $131,500 per year. If you want to scrape websites with our easy-to-use scrapers without having to write a single line of code, check out our free web scraper tools today!

For those who are new to web scraping or still in the dark about it, let me tell you that using web scraping tools can help you get the data you need without having to write a single line of code. is a cloud-based web browser that makes data extraction very easy. It lets you extract data from any website and provides many advanced features like scheduled extraction and automatic IP rotation at a very affordable price.