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5 Top Benefits of Web Scraping for Hotel Business

6 mins read Created Date: October 22, 2021   Updated Date: February 22, 2023
Want to learn how you can use data scraping for your hotel business? Here is the definitive guide for marketers, SEO experts and hotel business owners!

Do you employ competitive analysis to stand out strongly enough in the industry? Then web scraping publicly available data might be a good method. Understanding exactly what your close competitors and industry-leading companies are doing in the digital world will determine the direction of your SEO, digital marketing, design, and visibility efforts. Especially in the competitive environment of the hotel business and travel industry, if you offer strong performance in terms of your prices, service quality, service variety, star rating, promotions, and hotel sales, you may become stronger.

There is an easy way to analyze all of your competitors collectively with the data extraction method and to get an interpretable data dump to determine what you can do about your business’s development processes: Web scraping by

Dive in for more, explore deeper, play bigger.

For Which Type of Data You May Need Web Scraping?

Data scraping continues to reshape the hotel industry, which is becoming more and more widely available. Many travelers, accustomed to catching the most advantageous opportunities in the digital environment, create memberships on various online platforms to discover budget hotels in their destinations, rate their accommodation experience, and make reservations at a discount.

In that case, it is very easy to understand the sales, marketing, and service performances of hotels by extracting their data from online channels.
So, here is the thing: The big data you will come across with web scraping means a real marketing power.

Which data do you need to extract when analyzing for the hotel business and other businesses in the accommodation sector?
Here is the full list:

Make sure you have all the above information when extracting hotel and homestay data. Rest assured, these will come in handy!

The Importance of Web Scraping For Your Hotel Business

Wondering how to take your hotel business forward by using data scraping services?
Whether you’re a marketer or not, as experts, we’re committed to telling you the benefits of knowing the market through web scraping.

Generate Lead, Increase Sales

Who does not know what lead generation is?

  1. To understand the potential customers to whom you will sell your business’s products or services
  2. To segment them,
  3. And then to determine the actions that will transform them

Hey, let’s clear this up, what could get you closer to your potential customer than looking at what your competitors are offering?
First, you examine the industry giants. The reasons behind their preference are hidden in the data you will obtain through web scraping tools.

  1. What do your potential customers like about them?
  2. What type of rooms do your potential customers stay in?
  3. What price range can be afforded for your potential customers?
  4. What additional services do your potential customers add to the room service?
  5. What dates do your potential customers book the most?
  6. Do they prefer to pay online or pay at the hotel?
  7. How do purchase rates change during promotional periods?

The best way to answer all these questions is to analyze your competitors’ data by web scraping. As, we offer the tool that will complete scraping with the most accessible prices and zero errors.

Offering Right Prices at Right Times

Knowing what your target audience can pay at what time in the market can help you make profitable sales through your pricing policies. That is, web scraping works for the hotel and accommodation sector, because;

  1. It helps you stay informed about ever-changing price trends.
  2. It allows you to closely familiarize yourself with the seasonal rise and fall behavior of prices.

And here is the hint:

When your competitors start a promotion instantly, many of your customers who will make a reservation at that time may stop choosing you because of this campaign. To prevent such a situation, you will be instantly notified of promotions and match your prices to your competitors.

Not losing your competitive power means keeping your customers with the right pricing at the right time.

Shaping Your SEO Strategy

If you have a good data analyst, you may not need to get an additional consultation for SEO. A powerful enough and hassle-free web scraping tool competitively analyze your competitors’ SEO strategies. This analysis allows you to easily examine the prominent services in the sector, targeted inquiries, the features of the pages that perform well, the content on these pages, call-to-action rates, the number of visitors to popular pages, and their visibility on the internet.

Classifying those who do their job well and badly and seeing what they actually do in the clearest way allows you to implement the most powerful strategy without wasting time on trial and error.

That’s exactly why web scraping is one of the best analysis methods you can choose when creating your SEO strategy competitively.

Track what’s been a hit lately by following the trends.

Here is the thing:

You need the power of insight to know which marketing, promotion, or customer opportunity will appear in the market at what moment, and you need a very dense data set for the power of insight.

Which room types are sold more in which periods? How has tourists’ understanding of vacation changed recently? Which of the rooms attracts the most attention: All-inclusive rooms, breakfast-included rooms, or room-only packages?

Many details like this decide which service you will offer more intensively in which period or which service you will highlight in your marketing processes. Don’t fall behind, it’s time to get a little more aggressive with your marketing.

Use Your Name Budget More Effectively

One of the best features of web harvesting is that it collects all of your web-using audience and competitors and puts them in the palm of your hand. You are now aware of all web behavior in the industry. Trends, purchasing behavior, prominent marketing methods, or page hits are within your knowledge. Then you know how much budget you will allocate for which ad type, and who you will add to the target audience filtering of these ads.

What do you need?

  1. Users’ emotions (Learn that by tracking their behavior. Do they bounce right away? So they’re bored. Are they spending time on the page? Maybe they’re interested. Have they converted? Hey, they’re happy!)
  2. Behavioral analytics data (Which areas are users scrolling through the most on your competitor’s most visited pages? These may tell you where to place the call-to-action in your own design)
  3. Competitor’s ad data (Easily identify alternatives that get more conversions in competitors’ ads with data extraction and find out what affects your target audience. Do even better than that and dominate the industry.)

Ready to explore more? It may be time for web scraping for the hotel business. Check out our pricing policy and take the first step towards good marketing.