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How Do Rotating Proxies Work?

7 mins read Created Date: October 22, 2021   Updated Date: February 22, 2023
Explore how rotating proxies work and why they are so beneficial for your data extraction & web scraping process. Here is a definitive guide prepared only for your business!

Do you want to analyze your targeted websites deeply and surf the web without the hassle of blocking? Then a rotating proxy might be what you need. The main thing a rotating proxy does is create a secure request ID between you and the websites you target. That is, every time you send a request through the search engine while trying to enter a website, a rotating proxy assigns you a new IP. In this way, you can safely browse the site you want.

Well, why do you need this?

Let’s say right away: To collect data easily, to get to know the market better through datasets!

Of course, the most important features of rotating proxies are that they are presented to you with several different IP addresses at the same time. When you want to access different pages with different IDs, or when you want to make yourself untraceable and unblockable, you can easily take advantage of rotating proxies.

So this next-generation technology gives you:

  • Ease of navigating the sites you want to browse with different identities with multiple IPs to be assigned to you.
  • Ease of navigating, scraping, and performing marketing analysis works on a scalable basis on any site you request on the internet by changing the address as often as you specify.
  • And of course, much more.

Are you ready to explore? As experts, we have prepared comprehensive content for you. Let’s examine the rotating proxies together.

What Are Rotating Proxies?

Rotating proxies are technologies that make it easier for you to navigate by masquerading as different identities during intensive data collection from websites. When using these technologies, it is necessary to determine how often you want to obtain your IP addresses and automatically change these addresses. This process will mean that even if you are a very large company, you can access any website you want completely anonymously and scrape the site and turn the data into scalable analytics.


It totally ends!

Traceability and identification?

You no longer have to be afraid of it.

A new era begins for digital marketing, competitor analysis, and market analysis. There is now an easier way to extract data from your targeted sites to strategize competitively.


What are The Benefits of Rotating Proxies?

By using rotating proxies, you will enjoy the following benefits:

You are free on the internet with Pool of IP Address

Are you a data research center, marketing analyst, user behavior measurement specialist, or digital marketing specialist? So you need to be able to access many sites online, navigate around them without any limits and scrape data.

The bad news about this is this: Websites and search engines constantly monitor navigation in order to detect the repetitive suspicious activity of visitors and ban the relevant IP address. If it is noticed that you have made suspicious activities, your IP address will be marked and your requests sent via the browser to log in to the website will be rejected.

But what if you use changing IP addresses?

This makes you completely unrecognizable. Your computer’s IP address changes every time you access the website thanks to the rotating proxy. In this way, you can easily continue to browse the web and extract data without even noticing that IPs are blocked. Systems that monitor your online activities cannot detect you at all.

An excellent option for market analysts in almost any industry.

Find and Compare Prices in the Industry

In which field do you serve? Businesses are no longer within the boundaries of the neighborhood or city where they are physically located. They exist in a market with competitors scattered all over the developing and expanding world. So, for example, if you are operating a hotel in a tourist area in Spain, a bunch of datasets follows the most competitive pricing policy, which offers a selection advantage according to the season and room characteristics.

  1. In what range do your competitors offer prices?
  2. What is the price range of your competitors’ most popular room?
  3. How do the prices change in which season?
  4. What are the lowest and highest price limits in an upper segment and a lower segment?

All this information can enable your targeted customer group to choose you, not someone else, because of the price. You cannot do price analysis by looking at room rates on several sites one by one. You have to have real knowledge of the industry. For this, there are web scraping technology and and rotating proxy services.

Take the first step into the future. Learn to speak the language of your competitors, rather than bidding much higher or lower than them.

See Web Scraping for Hotel Business article for more.

Scraping Without Interruption with Totally Trusted Resources

When you work with the right rotating proxy providers, the resource of the proxies you acquire is also completely reliable. This means that you will be able to continue your work without experiencing any downtime or IP address assignment problems while performing web scraping. Unblockable proxy solutions will mean that you can collect data from any source you want much faster and devote all your energy to creating insights.

A professional enough rotating proxy provider partner offers you all this comfort, increasing the productivity of your time devoted to insight: The best way to make your work easier.

Rotating Proxies Providing Customization with Country and ASN Filtering Options

What you’re going to do with rotating proxies is to surf the internet with random IPs, right? That’s true.

However, in certain cases, you may want to filter the IPs given to you by parameters such as country, city, or ASN. Rotating proxies allow this as well.

You can obtain rotating proxies with parameters you specify by using your username. Moreover, you do not need to pay extra to do this. What are the features that will best serve your goals and business processes, and do you expect proxies to have these features?

Everything is possible with Scrape. do, are you ready to take your place on the train to the future?

Advanced Security Level

Have you noticed another advantage of constantly changing your IP thanks to rotating proxies: You will have an incredible level of security due to untraceability in the internet world.

No search engine or server will be able to detect your browsing habits.

No system will be able to understand who you are.

In this way, those who want to cyber-attack your resources will not even be able to find out where you are.

Hey, it’s these anonymous technologies that are driving the development of the digital world.

Digital rotating proxies are so powerful that even if someone else has access to your computer’s IP address, it’s still very difficult for the proxy to track your movements.

New Way of Web Scraping: Using Rotating Proxies for Thousands of Requests

While proxy IPs are running, you can send thousands of connection requests to a website simultaneously.

Suspicious motion radar?

Nope, nobody can catch you.

Think of the internet as a place completely under your control. With your proxy mask, no one can control or block you anymore. You have no time to waste with outdated proxy lists. Now it’s time for a rotating proxy for real web scraping.

And hey, note that you can also use ten-minute sticky sessions to continue accessing on the same IP address.

What is the difference between static and rotating proxies?

Very simple! With static proxies, you can only use one IP address for the duration of your internet browsing activity. With rotating proxies, on the other hand, a new IP address is assigned to you almost every time you send a request. This way, the person you were in your previous browsing will not be the same person you are now. The super invention, isn’t it?

The answer to this question may vary depending on what you are using the proxy for. But we can say with certainty: It is not illegal to scraping data to create a marketing strategy. You can easily transact using our proxies.

How many requests can I send via Rotating proxies?

With the developing technology, you can send up to 10,000 requests at a time using a single rotating proxy script. This will make your job really easy in the data extraction process.