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Web Scraping for SEO by Residential Proxy - Full Guide!

4 mins read Created Date: November 29, 2021   Updated Date: February 22, 2023
Collecting the necessary data to boost your customer’s digital visibility is easier if you use scraping tools & API. Here is what can do for you and your business!

No matter who you are, web scraping is incredibly important in the digital age we live in. It does not matter whether you have a business and do competitor analysis, are a researcher, or deal with digital marketing. Scraping is the most reliable way to access information.

With web scraping, you can access all the data of any page you want. As experts, we reach the targeted data of the web page you want to access, store, categorize and deliver it to you!

Thanks to the coding, you can instantly have the very valuable data you want to access with the scraping process, which has zero margins of error.  You can analyze the market, reach customer preferences, compare prices, and turn the disadvantages of your competitors into your own advantage with this precious data. You can survive in the digital world by making competition much easier!

What is Residential Proxy?

Residential proxies allow you to select a specific country or city and browse the web as if you were a real user in that area. Proxy definitions are agents that protect users from general web traffic. Acting as a buffer while also hiding your IP address, proxies are alternative IP addresses assigned to users by providers. Thus, they allow you to browse the web safely. This way, your activity as a user is hidden and your identity remains anonymous.

Why Scraping is Important in SEO

Before answering this question, let’s remember what web scraping is:

Web scraping is the process of scraping information from any desired site available on the Internet. Business owners often use web scraping to do a competitor analysis and access their competitors’ data, compete in the market, and arrive at actual forecasts of market fluctuations.


With web scraping, you can achieve incredible results in your SEO efforts. Let’s examine together:

Collect Keyword Results

We now know that keywords form the basis of successful and effective SEO work. Keywords are very important in the digital marketing world of the 21st century. Keywords are one of the most important factors that determine your organic ranking in search engines, so it is very important to use them properly and correctly. By doing keyword analysis with SEO, you can drive better traffic to your site and remove keywords that do not work well.

As a result, SEO efforts are gaining importance in digital marketing, and using SEO software for keyword research is beneficial for business owners. With the web scraping process, you can determine the right keywords and increase your organic visitors.

Web scraping is an excellent way to increase your online visibility by getting backlinks. That is why you should check out blogs and websites that share similar content to yours. With web scraping, you can reach the pages you target with similar target audiences, and you can attract the same target audience with similar content and topics. Then, reaching various pages and requesting backlinks will increase your visibility considerably.

The easiest way to do this is to identify pages that are similar to yours. Automatic SEO tools can help you filter data related to your search. By using web scraping tools, you can rank higher in Search Engine Results Pages i.e. SERP, and improve your page.

Discover Your Best Ranking Categories

You can identify which content on your web page gets the most views and ranks higher in organic rankings with web scraping tools. In this way, you can diversify the content on your pages that receive high clicks, revise or remove content that receives the least clicks, contributing to your visibility.

Okay, But How do Residential Proxies Work?

Residential proxy directs your internet traffic with the help of an intermediary server. A proxy server gives you space by creating an alternate IP address where all your server requests are made.

You should not forget that the alternative IP address assigned to your calls also belongs to a real device. When you make a search request, your alternate IP address is transmitted to the origin server through your residential proxy. This way, your real IP address is hidden and sites on the web perceive your activity as that of any other regular user, allowing you to browse.

What are the Cases that Residential Proxies Use?

Residential IPs are more reliable when compared to other proxy types. You can use residential proxies for various purposes, depending on your browsing needs. Some of these are:

·         Ad Verification: This process allows you to recognize and block suspicious or spam ads. You can increase your credibility by controlling the ads displayed on your pages. If you do not use enough ad validation, you may be subject to hostile cyber attacks from your competitors to damage your brand reputation.

It is generally recommended that you choose a residential proxy provider that is easy to use.

·         SEO Content Compliance: SEO work improves your site traffic and leads. By scraping competing sites, learning about their keywords and traffic sources, you can turn this into an advantage for your own site.