Proxy Mode

What is proxy mode?

You could integrate with third party tools by using proxy mode to our rotating proxy network infrastructure. In this way, only the way you communicate with the Gateway. This access method is called back-connect proxy.

There is no extra cost for this access method, so standard API charges apply.

Start using

  • PROXY :
  • PORT : 8080
  • PASSWORD : PARAMETERS (default 'render=false')
  • URL :

You should know

PASSWORD parameter can be send empty. It is possible to log in via token with this proxy without entering a password. However, if you still need to enter it, you can enter a blank character or any parameter you will use.
For example, 'render=false' can be used as a password. Or you can pass the parameters you want to use from the password field as 'render=false&customHeaders=false'.

It will return the same result as with the API gateway.

October 14, 2021
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