Here is the list of the all parameters you can use with Scrape.do API
All Parameters

Name [type] (* is required)



Token [string] *

Your API token in dashboard.

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Url [string] *

Target url. It should be encoded.

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Render [bool]

Render Javascript with real distributed browser infrastructure.

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JSExecute [string]

Execute Javascript Snippets with our real browser infrastructure.

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GeoCode [char(2)]

Use proxy for specific geo location.

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Super [bool]

Use mobile and residential proxies.

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CustomHeaders [bool]

Forward particular header to target.

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SessionId [int]

Use same IP address with sessions.

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Rotating Proxy Mode

You could use our API like Rotating Proxy

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POST/PUT Requests

Simulate your requirments with different method types.

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Callback [string url]

We can return results to your webhook.

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October 14, 2021
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