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Top 6 Best Scraping Tools for Amazon Scraping

8 mins read Created Date: May 24, 2022   Updated Date: February 22, 2023
Web scraping, an automated process that allows you to extract all the data on a web page, lets you create a spreadsheet that helps you parse, analyze and re-list the information you have. While web scraping has multiple uses and each of these uses is valuable, we will tell you about Amazon Scraping in this article.

Web scraping, an automated process that allows you to extract all the data on a web page, lets you create a spreadsheet that helps you parse, analyze and re-list the information you have. While web scraping has multiple uses and each of these uses is valuable, we will tell you about Amazon Scraping in this article.

Amazon Scraping is used to understand the market and competition for retailers, which helps you obtain information about Amazon’s products or product promotions and analyze this information with a spreadsheet. In fact, this type of web scraping may have more significant advantages than you might think, after all, if you want to beat a competing retailer, you must first carefully learn its strategies. In this article, we will tell you about six of the best scrapers you can choose to scrape on Amazon.

Thanks to, which you can use to scrape the information of products on all shopping sites, especially Amazon, you will be able to quickly get ahead of your competitors and increase your sales. If you want to take advantage of the advantages of, contact us!

Why You Should Scrape Amazon?

Amazon, one of the largest shopping sites in the world, has millions of products, and people who want to enter e-commerce generally prefer Amazon because of the opportunities it offers. So scraping data from Amazon will help you analyze the competition, determine the ranking of your product, analyze the top reviews and reach your target audience.


  • You Can Analyze Competition: If you are going to make a commercial decision, the first thing you should do is competitive analysis. Using the Amazon Scraping method, you can scrape the data of products on this website and develop or improve your marketing strategy.
  • You Can Increase Your Product’s Ranking: If you want your product to have the highest sales rates, you should know that your product should be ranked higher. By scraping the data of the products in the first place, you can find the elements that are in those products but not in your products, and by adding these elements to the descriptions of your own products, you can make your products rank higher.
  • You Can Review Top Reviews: If you want your products to rank high on Amazon, your product reviews must be good because Amazon is an e-commerce site that attaches great importance to customer satisfaction. In order to take your products to the top, you should review both positive and negative reviews of your customers and try to increase the number of positive comments by correcting the negative aspects. The more satisfied your customers are with your products and the higher ratings they give your products, the higher Amazon will rank your products.
  • You Can Have a Targeted Customer Audience with Amazon Scraping: Each seller has a certain customer base based on the products they sell, and this customer base usually does not change unless the category of products sold does not change. (For example, the target audience of a seller selling in the field of technology is technology enthusiasts.) Knowing about the priority preferences of your customers on Amazon can help you increase your sales. If some of your products are constantly bought together, you can increase sales by offering those products together.

Top 6 Best Amazon Scraping Tools

If you want to scrape descriptions of Amazon products or stores, the best web scraping tools you can choose are ScraperAPI, ZenScrape, BrightData, Oxylabs, Smartproxy, and

If you want to obtain the data of some websites with Web Scraping and these websites are websites with strict restrictions such as Amazon, Google and Facebook, you don’t have to worry! You can also scrape data from websites with strict restrictions using’s scraper service. You can use’s the data center, mobile and residential proxies for this.

Do you want to scrape data from websites but want to do it for a specific region but don’t want to have data from other countries? Then you can take advantage of’s Geo-Targeting feature where you can select the USA, UK, Canada, European Union countries, and Asian countries. Moreover, if you are in doubt that the website you want to scrape will block you, don’t worry, thanks to’s Backlink Proxy, your web scraping will never be blocked and your identity will never be revealed.

By using, you can quickly get rid of websites’ blocks and Captchas that prevent web scraping, you never waste time doing this and all the processes are automatic. In case you encounter captcha or blocks, you will be constantly assigned a new IP address and your web scraping will not be interrupted. Moreover, there is an incredible support team to take care of you in case of any difficulties while using

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Support from ScrapeAPI is pretty good, supporting headers, the server-side page renders, and persistent sessions. So much so that this scraper’s support team’s response times and efforts to help are above average. ScraperAPI, which is extremely simple to use, is one of the most efficient tools you can use to promote your business and scrape products on Amazon.

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Yandex are extremely successful at blocking your non-commercial and self-archiving processes. However, by using ScraperAPI, you can overcome all difficulties and scrape the page of the website you want without any obstacles. In addition, social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have very strict principles of data scraping, but scraping data from these social media platforms is also extremely easy with ScraperAPI.


Many web scraping tools may respond slowly when you try to scrape GBs of data from websites, but ZenScrape is a fast enough scraping tool that can scrape huge amounts of data. Many web scrapers have limits on the number of queries you can do per second (QPS), as they try not to scrape more data than the system can handle. When you use ZenScrape, you don’t face limitations on QPS, which helps you scrape data even faster.

When you use a scraper, you usually get results in JSON format, because it’s robust and versatile. However, many users may not find the JSON format useful, while ZenScrape helps you extract data in many different formats. This is a pretty big advantage. Let’s add that ZenScrape is a web scraper that offers different proxy servers for every use case. This scraping tool gives you Proxy servers in more than 300 different locations. In addition, three types of Proxy types are offered to you: Standard, Premium, and Rotating.


BrightData, which has the world’s largest IP Network and a huge proxy pool, is one of the world’s leading Proxy providers. BrightData has approximately seventy-two million IPs built-in, more than seven million IPs in data centers, and over two million IPs in mobile Proxy pools. These statistical values ​​prove that BrightData has the largest IP Network.

BrightData’s residential proxies feature Geo-Targeting, which means they have a large pool of Proxies available in all countries and major cities. With this web scraper, you can enjoy the best seamless Proxy service and scrape a lot of data conveniently. Thanks to the abundance of residential proxies in BrightData, you can easily scrape websites such as LinkedIn, Craigslist, Upwork, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, Aliexpress, Google, Yahoo, and Yandex. In addition, BrightData was awarded the best scraping performance with a 93.7% scraping success rate.


Oxylabs’ Proxy servers have very good customer support, and this customer support team will do their best to assist you whenever you need it, in addition to being fully dedicated to their work. In addition to the high-end products that Oxylabs offers you, Oxylabs also offers you a good customer support team to ensure you have a smooth experience, also this team is active 24 hours a day.

Since Oxylabs’ proxy servers have an extraordinary coverage area in approximately one hundred and eighty countries, it becomes possible to access data or websites privately in any location you want. Also, considering that Oxylabs offers excellent performance, we can say that it is one of the best tools you can use for web scraping. In addition to all these features, it is not possible for the website to see you as a harmful target since your IP addresses are returned for every request you send to the website.


All you have to do to use this feature of Smartproxy, which has the automatic proxy rotation feature that you can set every 10 minutes, is to set the proxy location and session type. Just choose random IP or geo-targeting for proxy location, rotator, or sticky for session type. Let’s add that this tool offers more than 195 locations worldwide and can be used in almost any city and any country.

Since Smartproxy has no limit on simultaneous connections, it is possible to send as many connection requests to any website as you want. With Smartproxy, which also has a proxy API feature, you do not need to log in to websites, you can manage your account as you wish. In addition, thanks to the dashboard provided to you, it becomes possible to do everything you can normally do with the Proxy API. In addition to all these features, Smartproxy, which offers millions of IPv4 addresses, is a tool that also supports HTTP and HTTPS protocols.

Scrapping prices, customer reviews, and more on Amazon will make optimizing your own services easier. To learn more about scraping services, scraping API, and rotating proxy, we recommend taking a quick tour of the blog.

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