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Scraping Allegro - Definitive Guide About Tools

8 mins read Created Date: November 15, 2021   Updated Date: February 22, 2023
In this content, you will find detailed information about web scraping for Allegro data. Use for your business, get the most powerful insight ever!

Wouldn’t you want a unique tool that will carry you and your firm a step forward? It is a tool that tells you which price is to set, which features your customer base needs, and which features they do not use, or where to position your company in that strictly competitive market. There is a tool very similar to it. It is not something magical, so it doesn’t tell the optimal price to set. Instead of putting the price for your firm, it gives you the information to analyze with your market team and find the optimum price with your team. Explore how to scrape Allegro!

Using web scraping tools to scrape personal blogs, social media platforms, and especially e-commerce websites would help you and your firm have a clearer and widened vision perspective. Based on your project’s needs and objectives, you can use web scraping tools on a specific web page. For example, you are running a local coffee shop in a happy neighbourhood. The neighbourhood might seem quite comfortable, and it indeed is. However, the background processing of the businesses in the neighbourhood is telling a different story. Crude price and market share wars are going on behind the scenes.  If you want to come to the forefront as a coffee shop, it is not enough to make a good coffee, and your coffee shop has to make a better coffee. Like the coffee shop in the neighbourhood, your firm needs to overthrow others to survive in digital commerce. And the crux of this is to know more than your competitors, understand the customer base and marketing trends better, and have a more excellent vision than the competitors on the market.

So, to have all of these, online e-commerce websites are great places to visit and gain insights. So, let’s have a detailed look at one of them, Allegro, Poland’s most successful online e-commerce brand.

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About Allegro

Allegro is a well-known online e-commerce company and it was founded in Poland. The firm is run by Sp. z.o.o, which was established in 99’ and was acquired by the online auction website QXL Ricardo plc in 2000. After that, the firm changed its name to Tradus in 2007, then again, and it was acquired by the firm called Naspers in 2008. Finally, a group of investors bought Allegro from Naspers in 2016.

Allegro is very popular in its homeland Poland, and it is also quite popular throughout the world as it offers good deals with good qualities. According to the website ranking Alexa Internet to address its popularity, in 2017, the online e-commerce Allegro’s website was the 5th most visited website in Poland. It ranked 251st among the globe’s most entered web pages in 2017.

In 2011 Allegro announced that the number of online users registered on their website was 11 million, and the number increased to 16 million in 2017. And in this year, 2021, Allegro kept expanding and acquired an abroad company, Mimovrste, which is Slovenia’s largest online retailer.

The data revealed by the firm claims that the firm reached the amount of 70 million items that are sold through Allegro online e-commerce platform. Today, the online e-commerce platform, Allegro, is the number one e-commerce and shopping website in Poland.

What Is Scrapers – And, Why Do Firms Need Them?

Web scraping tools, also known as web data harvesting or web data extraction, are used for obtaining data from websites. Today, in the digital information era, the importance of information and knowledge is more apparent more than ever. So, this reality made web scraping tools very attractive for firms aware of the power and advantage of having information and building your business and marketing plan based on that unique information. As web scraping tools make all these possible quickly, these tools are used mainly by innovative firms and market analysts.


‍So, web scraping tools are here to extract a vast amount of data from analysts target websites, and then web scraping tools download the extracted data to store it in its database. Eventually, web scraping tools format these pieces of information in the forms of a spreadsheet, JSON, or Excel format etc., to make things easier for the user. Because when the extracted data would be required, it would be easier to retrieve the categorized information than a mess. Moreover, web scraper tools get water from flint, meaning that they extract all this information from the codes of the targeted web page, which is called HTML. Generally, web scrapers obtain the information via HTML.

Web scraping tools are indispensable parts of any research project as it creates much time for the analysis expert because they do all the necessary work that does not require a human assessment. Besides doing all the steps automatically, web scraping tools do all of them in a concise amount of time compared to human work. In addition to all of these, human work often contains errors due to its limits and need for rest. On the other hand, web scraping tools do not need rest, or when they are provided with an efficient Proxy and electricity, they do not have limits.

The Importance Of Data From E-commerce Websites

Selling a product online via an e-commerce website sounds relatively straightforward, isn’t it? Suppose you just put your product on your profile on an e-commerce website, and somebody comes and sees your product, and he or she buys it. All is done. A potential sale could just happen like this, and you can sell a product just like this. However, it will not be sustainable if you do not have a marketing strategy based on your target segment’s complaints, wishes, and wants or a detailed analysis of competitors in the same product line. In order to differentiate your products from the products of your competitor, you need to know exactly where your competitors have positioned themselves in the market so that you would not place your brand in the same position. Therefore, your products would be differentiated. Customers will see the difference when they see your firm’s product line.

You also need to have an enhanced value proposition when you enter the market later. After analyzing the market’s Dynamics, products and services, firms, and their cultures, the lifestyle of the potential customers, your company shall design a value proposition that any other firm does not offer. If not, what you propose would not be recognized by the customers, making them indifferent to buying a competitor’s goods or your firms. It seems like flipping a coin to see whether you make the selling or not. Hence, creating a recognizable brand and product image with a differentiated proposition is vital for the success rate of a firm.

The extensive data on e-commerce websites help firms achieve their differentiated marketing strategy and an improved value proposition. Web scraping tools can harvest thousands of price-tags of only the target products and features of these products. Based on these detailed analyses, a firm can analyze and compare these price-product relations to find the optimal price to offer.

Scraping Allegro Data: Definitive Solution with!

Allegro provides tons of products, price variability, and inventory details, and all this information are available on their web page and mobile phone application. Besides that, all this information are kept being updated every day. The data is so vital for customers, market analysts, researchers and the businesses themselves.

E-commerce websites such as Amazon, eBay, or Allegro host many products on their pages so that people would see and buy them. As they have tons of products, this means that they contain tons of price information, product detail texts, product features data in their database. Using a scraper so as to price comparison, for example, could be an advantage for a firm over others because it provides enormous insights related to the market value of the product.


Scraping Allegro

The vast amount of data would provide insights about marketing strategies for a firm when the firm extracts, eliminates, categorizes and then analyzes these data. Essential information such as features of the products, the image of products, price differences and ranges, brand or seller names, user ratings and user reviews are provided on the website of Allegro. So, it would be wise for a firm to use web scraping tools and such e-commerce websites to gain a profound understanding of the running of their sector and business.

In addition to all of these, Allegro makes it possible for market researchers to be aware of the customer reviews related to a specific brand or product. The website contains enormous reviews and comments written by the users. Customers register their words related to a product after they use the good. Competent firms do extract these data so as to truly understand what their target customer like or dislike. Therefore the firm could design its product features based on these valuable comments.

So, feel free to step forward as a business by preferring the services and scraping tools designed by scraping experts for scraping enthusiasts at the address of scraping;

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