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What is Web Scraping? Most Effective Ways to Use

10 mins read Created Date: December 20, 2021   Updated Date: February 22, 2023
In this article, we talked about what Web scraping does, what foundations it has, what a web scraper is, how you can scrape manually and with a scraper, the areas where web scraping is used. Ready to learn everything about Web Scraping?

Web scraping, which automatically collects all the data on the Internet, is used in many areas today. Among the usage areas of this application, which can also be called web data extraction, are price control, price search, keeping up with current news, identifying possible sales, and market research.

Individuals or companies that want to automatically extract information from websites regularly are generally individuals or companies that aim to make smarter decisions and care about public opinion.

If you took any text, information, or photo from the website and moved it anywhere, we can call it Web scraping. This action is a minimal manual version of a web scraper tool. While you can scrape data from the internet manually, doing it with a web scraper will save you time and give you a broader view.

In this article, we talked about what Web scraping does, what foundations it has, what a web scraper is, how you can scrape manually and with a scraper, the areas where web scraping is used. Ready to learn everything about Web Scraping?

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What Does Scraping Data from the Internet Do?

Scraping data from websites, aka web data scraping, can serve multiple purposes. A scraper to scrape data from the Internet will help you extract information from other websites easily, quickly, and completely accurately and automatically list this information. Since data scrapers from the Internet categorize your data properly, you can get data that can be used for projects other than the projects you are working on.

Which Industries Use Data Scraping and How They Use It?

Data scraping, which is frequently used in the world of electronic commerce, is used too widely to track and use the prices of competitors’ products and services. This information learned about competitors helps companies make adjustments in their pricing plans to attract the attention of customers and to be ahead of other companies. In addition to companies, retailers can use data scraping as a tool for manufacturers when determining the price at which they will sell their products.

Organizations conducting market research or analysts conducting market research alone can easily follow online product reviews, news, and all feedback on products with the data scraping method. Since the financial world is constantly open to developments, data scraping can also be used for guidance when an investment is desired and it is aimed to create a strategy for this investment. There are also researchers and analysts who have to scrape data to review companies’ finances. In addition, companies providing services in the field of insurance and finance, when they want to prepare new services and insurance policies for their customers, examine the feedback of the customers about the old projects and implement the most remarkable and most appropriate projects.


Web Scraping Introduction

What Parts Does Scraping Data from the Internet Consist of?

Used in almost all markets and industries, web scraping consists of two basic parts: web crawler and web scraper, where sellers plan new products and services based on customers’ experience. Continue reading this section to learn more about these sections and clear all your doubts about it.

What is a Web Browser?

A web browser, which we can also call a spider, is an artificial intelligence that browses the internet. These artificial intelligence monitors discover and index all links on the internet. The web browser, which is also tasked with searching for content, is an indispensable part of scraping data from the internet. In almost every work, you first need to promote a certain website or web, and then forward these addresses to the tool you use as a web scraper.

What is Web Scraper?

Web scrapers, which are tools designed to extract and organize all texts, photos, or videos on any web page accurately, quickly, and purposefully, may vary in design and complexity depending on the size of the project you will use. If you do not want to encounter problems caused by this change, it would be most logical to use a web scraper suitable for your project. Web scrapers also have data finders written to find the data you plan to scrape from the HTML file, web scrapers can easily access the data you want with these data finder software.

What You Should Know About Web Scraping Tools

Web scraping tools, which are programs specially written for the purpose of extracting, in other words, scraping, information that you have determined on certain websites and that are relevant to your subject, are programs that you should definitely use if you plan to collect data from a website programmatically. Are you ready to learn more about this software?

Web scraping tools, when they are used to scrape any website, make HTTP requests to the target website, and all the data obtained through these requests are extracted from that page and transferred to another place in an organized manner. After the web scraping tool separates content that is publicly accessible and visible to all internet users, the server will process this information as HTML. In some cases, data scraping tools can also work to reach relevant data such as product prices, contact information in any database and which can be found in the browser thanks to HTTP requests.

You can also find many web scraping tools on the market that have features that you can program and customize to suit your different projects. All scraping tools, in general, seem to be designed for all kinds of scraping, but they generally use programming libraries.


How Do You Do Data Scraping From The Internet Without Any Support?

If you want to scrape data from any website, you should know that you must first use scraping tools that are suitable for you and your purpose. If you have found a suitable scraping tool for you, you can list the things you need to do step by step as follows:

  • As a first step, you should define your target website for the web scraper.
  • Secondly, you need to collect the URL addresses of the pages from which you intend to extract data from this website.
  • Thirdly, to get the HTML codes of these pages, you need to request these URL addresses with a web scraper.
  • Fourthly, you should use locators to detect and find the data contained in the HTML of the pages.
  • Finally, you need to save all the data you find in a JSON or CSV file format or a file format where you can access this information.

After these processes are completed, you will have completed the data of the website you want without any support. However, if you are doing this for the first time and you are worried about mixing things up during the process, it is useful to get help from an expert team. If you choose us, you can be sure that if you encounter any problems, we will take care of you and do our best to solve your problem!

Should You Scrape Data From The Internet By Yourself Or With An Expert Team?

We explained the data scraping process that you can do yourself in the previous sub-title as simple and basic as possible. However, you should remember that this simplicity only applies when you have a small project. If you need data on a larger scale and larger sizes, you will have dozens of problems to overcome.

The problems you have to deal with are to protect the web scraper program in case the layout of the website changes, to manage your proxy addresses, to manage Javascript nonstop, and to work against antibots. Since all of these problems we have mentioned and given as examples are technical problems that may cause excessive resource consumption, it can be quite difficult to deal with these problems when you are alone. In addition, the open-source internet data scraping tool you choose may have its limits, which may prevent you from accessing the data you want.

So, if you are dealing with a small-scale project, you can do web data scraping yourself, but a large project requires an expert team. When deciding whether to do web scraping on your own or with a team, you should consider the size of your project.

For What Purposes Are Internet Scraping Applications Used?

Scraping data from the Internet is used for purposes such as price research, market research, following the news, examining the real estate market, and gaining potential customers.

Doing Price Research

When the statistics are examined and we consider our experience, price research is the most preferred action of people who want to scrape data from the internet. Price research, which is to extract the data of all products, services, and prices on e-commerce websites one by one, is a must-do for modern companies that want to follow a better pricing strategy. Firms that conduct price research can charge their products dynamically, optimize revenue, monitor competitors easily, and track which products are trending.

Doing Market Research

Market research, which is critical for companies and should be guided by the most accurate information available, is indispensable for a company’s development. High-quality data scraped from the internet will help you do market analysis. You can optimize the entry point, conduct research, and development, and monitor the movements of competitors with the data you obtain by conducting market research.

Examining The Real Estate Market

The fact that real estate sales and projects have turned digital in the last two decades puts the traditional firm in danger of collapse. Real estate agents and brokerages must incorporate product data scraped from the internet into their daily business, thereby protecting against online competition and making informed decisions in the market. With data scraping in the real estate field, companies can determine the value of the property they sell, predict the returns from any property and understand the direction of the real estate market.

Following the News

With just one news cycle, the media can add extraordinary value to your business or pose an existential and deadly threat to your business. If you own a company that relies on news analysis in the past or is frequently featured in internet news, scraping data from the internet will help you monitor the most critical news in your industry, collect information from this news and categorize the information you collect. Following the news also helps you make investment decisions, conduct online public sentiment analysis, organize political campaigns, do sentiment analysis, and monitor competitors.

Gaining Potential Customers

Gaining potential customers is a marketing and sales activity that is very important for any business you can think of. According to a report published in 2020, the vast majority of operators stated that selling online is their biggest challenge. Gaining leads with data scraping from the internet is not difficult at all.

With, a web scraper that you can use to scrape any information from the Internet, you will learn all the news in your market before anyone else, you will be able to research in the field you want and protect your anonymity during these researches. What are you waiting for to take advantage of