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What is Data Pool? 4 Reasons to Use a Rotating Proxy

9 mins read Created Date: January 04, 2022   Updated Date: February 22, 2023
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Data scraping from the internet, which has become very popular in recent days and is frequently used by website owners, is a strategy necessary for the development of your website and company. With this strategy, you can create a data pool, allow access to the pool you create, and make your website more popular.

In this article, we told you what a data pool is, how to create a data pool, what you need to create a data pool, who can access your data pool, what Rotating Proxy is, what Rotating Proxy does, why you should use a Rotating Proxy while creating a data pool.

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What is a Data Pool?

The data pool, which is the set of values ​​that contains all the data obtained from a central database, can consist of data in any field. The data in the pool can be anything from store information to employee records, or it can be created automatically or manually for analysis purposes. Database software, on the other hand, is software designed to implement functions related to the pool.

In its basic sense, we can say that all kinds of data collected for analysis can be considered as a data pool. Since the method by which you collect the data may affect the accuracy of the data and values ​​in the pool, it may also change the result of your analysis as good or bad. For this reason, if you are not doing a large data collection, it would be more logical to use manual data collection. However, if the data set you need to review and collect is a large set, an automatic data collection process, namely web scraping, will be the best option.

Who Can Access the Data Pool?

The data pool created on any subject can be in two different ways as private access and sharing, to distinguish the people who can reach it. Private data pool can only be seen by the administrator, no one other than the administrator can access this data pool. A shared data pool can be accessed by people who can add, edit, or remove values. Although a web-based data pool is shared by an administrator, online users can access the data for any purpose and export this data on a regular basis using web scraping.

How to Create a Data Pool?

Data pooling, which is the process of combining data or data sets obtained from different sources, is carried out in two different stages. In the first stage, there is more general knowledge, while in the second stage, more specific data is collected. To explain with an example, in the first stage, the brands that people in different countries prefer to buy computer equipment are researched, while in the second stage, why people prefer these pieces of equipment is researched. So the pooling system has to be from the general to the specific.

What is Used to Create a Data Pool?

Since data pools consist of data from any website or websites on the Internet, it will be necessary to scrape the data on these websites. You need to use a web scraper to do this scraping, but when you use the web scraper software on its own IP address, your IP address may be blocked from accessing that website by the website owner as it constantly requests your IP address. To avoid such situations, you need to use a Rotating Proxy when you use a web scraper. In other words, you need a web scraper and a Rotating Proxy for web scraping to create a data pool. With this two important software, you can scrape any website you want, and you can create a data pool from the data you scraped.


What is a Rotating Proxy?

Rotating Proxy automatically returns your requests in a larger IP Proxy pool every time you reconnect with a Proxy server, presenting you with a new IP address each time. With Rotating Proxy, you don’t need to create a proxy rotation infrastructure and force people to leave their computers on to maintain this infrastructure. You just need to send your requests to the Proxy server without any hassle, your proxy server will give you a different Proxy server for every request. And don’t forget to make sure you use a different Proxy address every time you make a request to the website you’re aiming to scrape or reach.

What Does a Rotating Proxy Do?

By using Rotating Proxy, it is possible to show that many different users are connecting to the same website by preventing multiple requests that you send from appearing as coming from a single user. With this simulation process, you can bypass advanced anti-bot systems, overcome all obstacles to reach your target data, and access the data you plan to obtain easily and successfully. Even if the IP address you used while using Rotating Proxy was blocked by the website, you will most likely be successful as your next request will come from a different IP address thanks to the Rotating Proxy you use.

While Rotating Proxies can be implemented with both data center proxies (aka private proxies) and residential proxies, residential proxies are a more effective method. If you use both data center proxies and residential proxies at the same time, your success rate in scraping data from the internet will be greatly increased and you will not encounter any failures.

Some Reasons to Use a Rotating Proxy to Create a Data Pool

While a simple and fairly basic Proxy pool can work for many use cases, it’s always best to use a Rotating Proxy for web scraping to the data pool. Let’s take a look at why you should use a Rotating Proxy for web scraping:

Requests You Make To Websites Do Not Go From A Single IP Address

The main advantage of using a recommended Rotating Proxy for web scraping is that your requests can easily span thousands of IP addresses, although an individual Proxy can guarantee you privacy, it cannot guarantee that your IP address will not be blocked or seen. Since you will have thousands of IP addresses, it becomes possible to easily scrape a website on a large scale. You won’t have to worry about Proxy as Rotating Proxies will give you a single API endpoint to forward your requests to your target website and your proxy’s layer will automatically forward your requests.

By Using a Rotating Proxy, You Can Easily Bypass Anti-Bot Actions

As web scraping is becoming more popular and used by more and more people, websites are taking advantage of anti-bot software and CSN solutions written to prevent scrapers from accessing information. Taking such precautions by websites prevents you from easily accessing the data you need, and even some proxies and web scraper software cannot bypass these barriers. However, if you use a proper Rotating Proxy, you can scrape the data you want without any problems and you won’t be in any danger of getting your IP address banned.

You Can Scrape Data from Different Regions Simultaneously Using a Rotating Proxy

Many of the Proxy services on the market have features that allow you to divide your proxy connections into several jobs. Since IP addresses can be assigned from any region to these connections you have reserved, it becomes possible to simultaneously access data on locally prepared websites. Let us explain this with an example. If you want to start a florist company but are using web scraping to find out where to buy the best and cheapest flower seeds, you may want to compare a California florist and a New York-based florist and combine their data in the same category. By using a Rotating Proxy, you can access the data at the address you want without any restrictions or danger of bots.


When You Use a Rotating Proxy, Your Request cannot Be Restricted By Websites

Big websites like Google, Amazon, or Facebook use software to limit the number of requests from any IP address, after which the CAPTCHA page is presented. In these cases, to access a website, you must have access to a pool of thousands or millions of IP addresses. You can also obtain this access by using a Rotating Proxy. In addition, Rotating Proxies not only increase your chances of having the most complete and accurate data but also assign a private IP to your every request, so you can scrape the data you want without being restricted by websites.

What is Data Center Rotating Proxy?

Data Center Rotating Proxy, which uses a different data center for each request, is a server that automatically changes Proxies. If you use a data center proxy when you want to connect to a website, the server of the proxy you use will assign you a different IP address located in the data center. Datacenter IP addresses are IP addresses that are not tied to an internet service provider, but to an organization or entity that owns a data center or proxy pool.

What is a Residential Rotating Proxy?

Residential IP addresses used by Residential Rotating Proxies are IP addresses that are arranged separately for each device connected to the internet and show the internet service provider that helps this device to connect to the internet in addition to the geographical location of the device. Since each residential IP address is connected to a different real device and is registered to a specific home address, we can say that Residential IP addresses are connected to a real person or device. Although these IP addresses are assigned to users as well as belonging to the internet service provider, it would not be wrong to state that these IP addresses have a higher verification rate than data center IP addresses. For this reason, it is always more reasonable to use residential IP addresses for all the services you will use online or the websites you will browse.

Which Is The Best Rotating Proxy Service?

For a Rotating Proxy service to be good, it needs to offer you a fairly large network width and a rich pool of IP addresses. In addition to these, the support team should be with you in any problem and solve your problems. You should also make sure that the price you pay covers the service you receive.

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