Javascript Render

Use actual browsers so that you can crawl any website you want without getting banned.

Start using

To use Javascript Render, all you need to do is setting 'render' parameter to 'true'.

-- CODE language-shell --
curl ""

What is javascript render? offers headless browser service using actual Chrome browsers with rotating proxies. Unlike other API services, it does not use tools such as Selenium, it reveals the power of actual browsers by scraping the target site without getting banned. With using this way, the target site cannot detect if it is an actual person surfing on the web or crawlers.


You may need to use headless mode if you get banned. Using React, Angular, Vue.js or other libraries, we create Javascript with a simple parameter so that you can crawl each website or even a single page application easily.


  1. Beware that you need a Pro Plan to use this feature!
  2. Javascript requests are billed as 5 credits for each successful API call and using 5 concurrency requests.
  3. Javascript render requests just works with 'GET' methods.

October 17, 2021
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